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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Profile Photoby Fay Brezel

What is OCD and what is it not?   Obsessions can be defined as thoughts, images, and/or impulses that occur repeatedly and feel beyond an…

Feeling of loneliness and sadness after leaving therapy session…

Profile Photoby I_am_okay

I've been with my current therapist for six years now and I've done great work with her. Like most relationships there have been ups and…

Trouble sleeping

Profile Photoby Hope

I have a very hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I think it's because of anxiety and stress and it's really affecting the quality…

Anxiety after baby

Profile Photoby Openminded

I’m someone who suffers from rocd a subtype of ocd and have anxiety and depression and my wife just had. A baby mazel tov to…

Anticipatory Anxiety

Profile Photoby helpfulgal

I have this thing where when I have something major coming up, I always get super nervous about it waaayy before it actually happens. Any…

Coming to terms with BPD

Profile Photoby yejudah

How do I come to terms with the realisation of the fact that my wife of almost 2 years has Borderline Personality Disorder, knowing how…

Completely lost

Profile Photoby Openminded

every day i think my issue is diffrent one day its rocd the bext day its trauma the next day its low self esteem the…

Self esteem body issues – newbie

Profile Photoby thelostprincess

I don’t like the way I look I feel ugly I feel fat I feel as if I look old unattractive and wrinkly and I’m…

Talking about OCD

Profile Photoby Chavy

Hi, I feel like OCD isn’t being addressed or spoken about much and I would love for others to come forth and share their struggles…

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