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Our wellness experts thrive on helping people just like you define and achieve their goals. Browse our comprehensive selection of curated experts in various health & wellness fields and choose a professional based on your individual preferences.

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Short Poem on Moving Forward…

Profile Photoby if-the-stars-align

I know that the past couple of weeks have been tremendously triggering for me personally and I am sure other people with a history of…

Missing my therapist

Profile Photoby Hope

Hi all, I know it’s normal to miss my therapist between sessions but I’m wondering what I can do lessen those intense feelings of missing…


Profile Photoby bedriddenhome

I am litterly bedridden. I have not left my bed in 3 weeks. I do nothing all day but watch videos. I do absolutely nothing…


Profile Photoby acter

Anybody going through this or am I the only one?

Taking the lead in therapy

Profile Photoby okidoki

Hi. I know this is not quite a question that belongs under the trauma category, but I wasn't quite sure where to place it. I…

Religion and Therapy

Profile Photoby Chavy

As someone whose been in both therapy and group therapy for quite some time, I keep wondering why religion, isn't spoken about and is often…

Do I need therapy?

Profile Photoby WhatsAppers

I have a question. Is it normal not to go to any therapist even you feel you may need it? My point is that in…

So lonely

Profile Photoby cnjourney

Hey, I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life and as a result have a hard time developing relationships. I feel so lonely,…

Feeling down

Profile Photoby Hope

I feel so down about life. There’s so much going on in my life that I can’t handle. It’s too much and nobody understands. What…

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