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Profile Photoby manonymous123

I’ve been thinking recently about trying antidepressants again. My mood is all over the place and although I’m working with an amazing therapist, I’m having…

Ocd fears in a child that result in hurting others when scared

Profile Photoby girlmom

My daughter has ocd contamination fears. When my 3 yr old doesn't wash her hands my daughter freaks out. My husband doesn't encourage her to…

Mom of Two with Mental Health Challenges

Profile Photoby perlita

Is there anyone else out there who struggles like me? I worry about everything all day and night, I cant focus on what I need…

Eating disorders

Profile Photoby girlmom

Is there a therapist that specializes in eating disorders that would be willing to speak to a group of women/ girls struggling with eating disorders…

Fear of Traveling

Profile Photoby malkyknob

Hi I went to Israep a few years ago. I flew myself and met my brother in the airport in Israel. 8 became homesick and…

Touching oneself inappropriately

Profile Photoby chocolatechip

Anyone have any advice how to quit masturbating? Any free online websites that can help?

Early Alzheimer

Profile Photoby randimm

Not sure where to turn. My husband, only age 66, has officially been diagnosed with early Alzheimers.  We've been seeing changes over the last 2…

Dear ocd

Profile Photoby helloitsme

Dear ocd U and I we go back a long time... we have known each other for a good while. In fact ur part of…

Relationship ocd

Profile Photoby Openminded

Could emotional neglect trauma and avoidance attatchment styles cause rocd and would love to know if anyone else suffers from it and how they deal…

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