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Jewish Therapist in Queens, NY

Hi, I'm Yeshaya! I'm glad you found me.

Frum men have a lot of struggles that are often overlooked. There are a lot of expectations, pressures, and challenges, and it can be overwhelming even under the best of circumstances. Relationships are challenging, whether it's the one you have with yourself, your wife, your family, or with Hashem. It's an unfortunate truth that men often assume that they just have to soldier on, never really taking the time to make sense of themselves and where they are in life.

As a therapist, I consider it my mission to put the "MEN" back into mental health. I use different modalities to support Jewish men in their journey toward healing and growth in all areas of life. I also work with couples, and provide parenting consultations for parents of teenagers.

You can be comfortable with yourself, happy in your relationships, and fulfilled as a Jew.

Reach out, and lets get started.


Yeshaya Kraus LCSW
14-14 Bay 28th Street
NY, 11691

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