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Jewish Social Worker in Brooklyn, NY

I was born into a secular American Jewish family and went through the public school system, playing sports, making a few friends, and collecting memorabilia. I took Spanish for 5 years in junior high and high school and I thought I was going to be a bilingual businessman. That started to change as I realized I was interested in what makes life meaningful and so I started to search and decided to take on a religious identity. In the process, I wrote a music album (‘Come Listen’), was a signed performing artist for one year (under the label JMG), met my wife, who is a social worker, and was inspired to take up the profession.

I help people be happy! Through Somatic Mindfulness ('where in your body does it feel angry that John didn't let you go to the party'); Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy ('ok, so what does it show about you that John said you weren't allowed to go to the party?') CBT ('how can we reframe/rephrase/replace the thought that the you aren't allowed to go to the party?') Person Centered Psychology ('tell me how important the party is in your life') and Motivational Interviewing ('lets talk ambiguities of cursing John out or trying to cope other ways about not being able to going to the party).

Aside from professional education, the road to my professional character has been developed from exposure to personal painful experience; I have learned about effectively treating trauma in myself and others. I have developed a deep care, vibrant and passionate drive to help others find their whole selves. Through mindfulness, music, and literature, I have learned how to heal and help others, more clearly and quickly than if they try on their own.

Social Worker serving the Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY


Therapy with Aaron
274 East 52nd Street
NY, 11203

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