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Jewish Therapist in Madison, WI

As a counselor, I so value the healing potential of human connection. Emotion and suffering are natural reactions to life, and the ability to sit with and process life’s challenges with another person can be a gift. Sharing moments of loss, shame, joy, and disappointment can lead to stronger self-acceptance and connection with others. I strive to be welcoming, open, and empathetic to all clients who walk through the door. It is my job to create a safe space for individuals of diverse identities, backgrounds, and cultures, and to notice when my own perspective and biases are hindering the therapeutic relationship.

With an extensive background in working with children, adults, and families in both educational and mental health settings, I have had the privilege of being witness to many personal stories. Our stories of historical trauma, family strife, and significant life events can affect us daily, determining how we interact with the world around us.

I support children, families, couples, and individuals, working with my clients to provide individualized support for their specific needs. I would be honored to hear your story, to help you to process and cope with life’s challenges, and to support your steps towards feeling a sense of inner-calm and personal empowerment.

Therapist serving the Jewish community in Madison, WI


Madison WI

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