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Dana Rosenberg, Life Coach From Brooklyn, NY

Dana Rosenberg

Verified Pro

Life Coach, Enneagram Specialist, MSEd   Brooklyn, NY


Jewish Life Coach in Brooklyn, NY

For years, I tried to understand myself and others. What makes each one of us special. What makes people tick. I never found a satisfactory system that took all the nuances that people have into account.

One day, I received a gift, a book on the Enneagram, and my life changed immeasurably. I finally understood the personality I was gifted with and it came with a whole set of strengths and potential waiting to be explored. The validation was immense! I also began to understand and appreciate people on a whole new level.

The Enneagram is an absolutely fascinating, life-changing personality system that helps to understand our own and others’ personalities in a laser-focused way. It also provides an appropriate road map for growth for each type of person. It is one of the oldest, most scientifically validated systems which incorporate all other personality systems in a deep, yet very relatable fashion.

As a certified Enneagram Life Coach, and with over a decade's worth of experience as an educator, I can assist you in discovering your core personality and support self-awareness and growth along a unique path suited to your particular personality. It is an extremely effective kind of coaching since the ‘getting to know you process' is greatly expedited thanks to the Enneagram.

Clients marvel at the speed with which they can learn about the deepest part of themselves, with stunning accuracy, and thus begin their journey of growth. It is guaranteed to work for you as the goals and inherent motivations are tailored to your specific style.

Working with the Enneagram spills over into every possible area in life; self-awareness, relationships (this is a BIGGIE!), career choice, and meeting short and long term goals to enhance your life. Ultimately, it helps you become the absolutely best possible you!

I would love to support you on this incredible journey. Feel free to reach out to learn more about Enneagram coaching and I’ll be happy to assist!

Life Coach serving the Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY


Zoom or phone
2941 Michael Drive
NY, 91320

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