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Jewish Therapist in Skokie, IL

I am a seasoned therapist with over 25 years of experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds. My practice currently focuses on working with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, aging, parenting, dating and marriage. Having these stresses often prevents people from having meaningful and fulfilled lives. My clients have successfully learned to be calm, to become “unstuck” and feel confident about their capabilities and to improve their relationships with others. As a result they have been able to manage their worries, sadness, anger, feelings of loneliness and helplessness and the uncertainty of life challenges past and present. By being listened to and being understood when sharing their emotional discomfort, identifying values, developing goals and learning new skills, my clients have been able to experience a more satisfying and enriched life. Currently, I am offering telehealth video or phone sessions where I have been able to provide a venue for clients to manage their feelings of social isolation, social distancing from family and friends, job loss and being unable to participate in their “normal” activities. I am considered to be an interactive and engaging therapist who works together with my clients to help them achieve their goals.

Frum Therapist serving the Jewish Community in Skokie, IL


Breena Freid
5225 Old Orchard Road 27A
Skokie IL, 60077

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