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Esther Rosenberg, Life Coach From Brooklyn, NY

Esther Rosenberg

Life Coach, Specializing in ADHD   Brooklyn, NY



Learn and implement the tools that will work for you.
• Be on time and get more done!
• Get, and stay organized!
• Follow through on what you start!
• Get unstuck from overwhelm!
• Take action In spite of your mood!
• Decrease your stress and anxiety!
• Create deeper relationships!
• Increase your financial success!
• Get back in control of your life!

live a fulfilling, confident life through understanding the true nature of your talents and strengths.

ADHD Coaching is a process in which you partner with the coach to:
• Explore and identify how your ADHD is affecting your performance and the areas where you feel stuck
• Explore and identify your unique brain wiring, combining the coach’s knowledge of ADHD and your knowledge of yourself
• Apply this information to design goals and actions using your unique resources and energy in a way that works for “you”
• Identify your life purpose and long term goals. See how they interconnect with your current short term goals and actions,
• Work towards these goals with the systems that you have identified to work best for “you”

[Trained at ADDCA, an ICF accredited Coach training school which is known as the gold standard in credentialing ADHD coaches]



Service Area
  • Online Video Chat
  • Phone
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