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Devora Malka Goldstein, Life Coach From South Bend, IN

Devora Malka Goldstein

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Life Coach, MSEd, ADHD Coach   South Bend, IN


Jewish Life Coach in South Bend, IN

As an educator with over fifteen years of classroom teaching experience and a mother of a large family, I look forward to partnering with you and your family.

As a certified ADHD/ EF Life Coach, I will explore goals and maximize potential using my varied experiences and trainings to support the client. I have worked with both teens and adults to verbalize and actualize their goals. For a teen, school and academic life are usually the focus. We work together to identify the student's tasks, what steps need to be taken to accomplish those tasks, and set up a plan with accountability for the client. Adult goals may be as varied as household organization, getting a job (and keeping it), or exercise/ nutritional goals. Clients check in with the coach throughout the week between sessions to hold themselves accountable.

Additionally, as a trained instructional coach, I am able to reach hundreds of students a day through supporting the classroom teacher. I use the skills I gained in my years as a licensed regular education and special education teacher to share insights and help develop teachers professionally. I am able to afford them a bird's eye view of their classroom by sharing data based observations. I mentoring and coach teachers in instructional methods, content areas, and classroom management.

I am in a unique position to combine these two fields of expertise by reaching out to your child's teacher as a peer who has been in the trenches to support your child's teacher in supporting your child!

If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

Life Coach serving the Jewish community in South Bend, IN


2709 South Twyckenham Drive
South Bend IN, 46614

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