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Jewish Therapist in Lakewood, NJ

Are you feeling that your life is not as wonderful as you thought it would be? Struggling to be a good wife and mother when you can barely catch your breath and hold yourself up. You struggle with grief after divorce or loss of a loved one. There is the possibility of remarrying and raising a larger family. You feel overwhelmed and unhappy and want others to respond to you in a more positive way. It’s hard to feel confident being a mother when you didn’t have the right role model growing up.

I believe in everyone’s ability to heal. I use my warmth and compassion to help my clients work past their past and build up their feelings of self-worth to become healthy, functioning individuals.

I am an empathic and caring therapist, trained in traumatic grief, EMDR, and IFS. I aim to help you feel safe and supported in session while feeling better about yourself and improving your day-to-day functioning and your inter-personal relationships. Please feel free to email, text or call me for an appointment for a free 15-minute consultation.

Therapist serving the Jewish community in Lakewood, NJ


411 Monticello Lane
Lakewood NJ, 08701

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