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What If We Stopped Asking What If

What If We Stopped Asking “What If”?

I was working with a client the other day identifying her goals as the new year approaches. The client was so passionate and enthusiastic about what she wanted to target, you could hear it in her voice. She had a clear “want” and a “why”. But then I could hear that excitement and enthusiasm dwindle. I didn’t even need to ask her what she was thinking as it was pretty clear that her mind was trying to lure her into the “What If” web of thinking:

  • What if I can’t do it?
  • What if I fail (again)?
  • What if I’m not smart enough?
  • What if my friends think I’m nuts to consider doing this?
  • What if I don’t have enough money to make it happen?
  • What if I’m too old to make this change?
  • What if I wait until I get x,y,z in place?
  • What if I’m really not ready?

I had all of two questions for her:


The phone line went silent.

No, those weren’t trick questions.

If you’ve worked with me long enough you have heard me say (ok, preach), “stay out of the results”. Your responsibility is only to take some form of forward moving action, show up and do your best.

Stay out of the results. You may be surprised.

Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~

Dr. Joanne Royer, is the founder and owner of Change Agent & Associates, an online Coaching Collective.   In 2006, following 20+ years as a successful licensed psychotherapist Dr. Joanne began pursuing her certifications in the field of Life Coaching. Today, in private practice, Dr. Joanne provides psychological mindful, online coaching to adults, teaching them how to kick their inner critic to the curb.  Dr. Joanne works within the US and internationally.     888.748.4464 

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Dr. Joanne Royer

Psychologically sophisticated online coaching for women approaching 50 and beyond who are ready to put their self-doubt to bed so they can sleep soundly at night. US and Worldwide.

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