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Weighing Yourself Bad For Health.

Weighing Yourself Every Day is Bad for Your Health

We’ve all been there: weighing ourselves every day in hopes that the number goes down each time. As a chronic dieter, you use the scale to measure your success. It shows you how you did the day before and lets you determine your plan of action for the day ahead. And, if we’re being honest, you probably get on the scale more than once per day.

Weighing Yourself Can Trigger Overeating

The 2 most common outcomes of weighing yourself can often lead to the same result.

#1: You get on the scale in the morning and the number is a “good” number. Your mood for the day is happy.

#2: You get on the scale in the morning and the number is a “bad” number. Your mood for the day is depressed, even angry.

Both scenarios can trigger overeating, whether it be celebration eating “I lost weight, I can have a treat” or consolation eating “I was so good and didn’t lose any weight. Why bother trying”.

In addition to overeating, feeling bad about a number on the scale can lead to negative self-talk such as “I’m such a failure, I’ll never be able to lose weight”, “There is something wrong with me…why can’t I just stick to my diet”, and “I hate myself and my body”.

Without a doubt, weighing yourself keeps you in the diet mentality. It fuels the vicious body worry > food worry cycle of dieting and emotional eating. This, in turn, leads to weight cycling losing and gaining which research shows can lead to inflammation, insulin resistance, and negative cardiovascular outcomes.

If you truly want to be break free of this cycle, you must start with throwing away the scale.

 4 Amazing Reasons to Throw Away the Scale:

  1. It Can Become Obsessive: When you weigh yourself every day, you become obsessed with reaching a certain number and won’t stop until you get there.  This can be dangerous and lead to disordered eating and an eating disorder.
  2. It Can Disconnect You from Your Body: When you become fixated on weight, you disconnect from your body’s signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. You’re then allowing the scale to dictate what you can and cannot eat, instead of your body.
  3. It Can Take Over Your Mood: When you weigh yourself and don’t see the desired number, your mood changes and it affects your day and the people you interact with.
  4. It Can Cause Low Self-Worth: By focusing so much of your time and energy on the number on the scale, you begin to believe that you are not worthy unless you are thin. This feeling of unworthiness trickles down into all aspects of your life – your relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, your career, etc.

Striving to fit the thin ideal mold of society causes you to lose something other than weight. It causes you to lose out on living your life.

Throw away the scale, stop dieting and begin the journey towards reconnecting with your body.

Always remember, your worth is NOT dictated by a number on the scale.

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Registered Dietitian, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE
West Hempstead, NY

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