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Heart Balloons For Dating

A Dating Guide: 3 Ways to Transform Your Dating Experience

There are probably thousands of articles written about the dating experience in both the shidduch and non-shidduch worlds. Though there are many variances between them, one thing is certainly universal - dating is hard. It’s hard to have patience, weather rejection, not get discouraged when the process becomes longer than anticipated. Dating: A Tool   The most empowering action we…

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10 Tips To Overcome Rejection

10 Ways to Kick Rejection to the Curb

Rejection is a natural part of life. Everyone will experience it in some form. You may face rejection when applying for schools, at the office, in friendship, and on the dating scene. That feeling of rejection is often so emotionally intense and difficult to manage, that maintaining confidence can seem impossible. Although rejection feels impossible to manage in the moment,…

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