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Eating Disorder Recovery Over Passover

Eating Disorder Recovery Over Passover: Making it Possible

Passover is upon us and like all holidays it is often a challenging time for everyone. A time of high stimulation and excitement comes along with stress and anxiety. This is true for the majority of individuals. However, for those in eating disorder recovery, or those struggling with any kind of adversarial relationship to food, this time of year can…

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Pesach Stress Free

Passover Anxiety & Family Stress: 7 Tips to Beat it!

Passover is known in our tradition as the holiday of freedom and liberation. Yet, the Pesach season is often muddled with anxiety and family stress. This time of year is especially difficult for individuals and families dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues, and in today's world who isn't dealing with something? “The Jewish holidays and Pesach in particular…

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