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This is a chance for our readers to tell their own tales of hardships, triumph, and everything in between. With anonymous handles, we often take an intimate look into stories that define character and life purpose. This is your opportunity to share an experience that was important to you and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Share your story


My Journey Through Comparing and Despairing

Comparing, Despairing & Happiness If comparing and despairing is costing your happiness, you're not alone. However, you're the only one that can change this negative cycle. And, FYI - trying to be more like your envied subject won't bring the contentment you seek. Does this sound familiar? Mrs. Stein is so put together. Her kids are well dressed, and she…

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Parenting: What Not To Do

What Not to Do: Parenting No-Nos

A Challenging Task Parenting is difficult under the best of circumstances, and few fall into the “Best of Circumstances” category. Knowing what to do and what not to do when parenting is incredibly difficult. Especially when there are tools missing from your skills toolbox as a result of abuse, trauma, or emotional neglect, it can be terrifying to consider shepherding…

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