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For thousands of years, scholars have written about Judaism at great length. With our accessible format and casual articles, we’ll try to put a fresh spin on some of these ideas so you can apply and appreciate more spirituality in everyday life.

Dealing With Unhealthy Relationships

Surrounded By Unhealthy Relationships This Pesach?

How many unhealthy relationships are you navigating this Pesach? Holidays can be beautiful. There's time to spend with family and friends, and an opportunity to disconnect from work, school, and other demanding and time-consuming obligations. As cliché as it sounds, we all know that holidays are also stressful. The Yom Tov of Pesach, being eight days long and involving numerous…

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Pesach Stress Free

Passover Anxiety & Family Stress: 7 Tips to Beat it!

Passover is known in our tradition as the holiday of freedom and liberation. Yet, the Pesach season is often muddled with anxiety and family stress. This time of year is especially difficult for individuals and families dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues, and in today's world who isn't dealing with something? “The Jewish holidays and Pesach in particular…

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