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    zissy replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression

    Gm! I think most anyone can relate to feeling down and having negative emotions and thoughts at times . We are also living in a very lonely times right now with this virus. We don’t have easy access to our usual close friends and support system so that makes it so much easier to lose our way . Hold on , you got this , we got you . Know your not…Read More

  • Big hugs . Your poem really touched me , you can feel your essence with every emotion lying beneath the words .I feel we all can relate to what you express for various reasons. You write about worlds many of us live in , The best we can do is to keep reaching out , expressing and healing the best ways we can

  • Incredible !!! Thats the biggest step to freedom that you couragesly took ! I know how hard that must have been but your now on your path to healing !! Keep on climbing , and no matter how many times a person might fall or slip , keep on going ..Rome wasnt built over night ..and the biggest success stories are from those who conquered all parts of…Read More

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    zissy replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression

    Your so brave and courageous for taking the steps to recovery and healing !! My hats off to you , Good luck and may God be with you ! You are a valuable person  , here is a safe place to vent and share .. We support you and care very much ! The world can be harsh and fearful at times .for all of us .YOUR NEVER ALONE !! Reach out to us anytime .

  • I applaud you for your verbal mastery and eloquent poem your extreme bravery in sharing. Many of us struggle with our wounded inner child , we don’t realize how deep it shapes our futures . We have to go back into our painful pasts and relove ourselves from a mature adult perspective.I myself have been wriiting about it .Healing is not a…Read More

  • Finding activities you enjoy , reading self help books , doing charity work ..any type of self care..will help fullfill you for the times you feel you need a boost . perhaps ask your therapist to aid you in how to deal with such triggers and how to control the obsession. Good luck !

  • Hi Chavy , did you ever try writing your feelings down ..sometimes expressing our emotions via a safe way can help us express our pain without putting it on those who love us . knowing that your relationship with your mom is a huge trigger is the first step …perhaps knowing its her issues that are causing her to yell and not yours will help you…Read More

  • Kudos on your bravery to sharing your personal struggles. We all struggle with many different things . Finding the right therapist who specializes in this field might make you more comfortable in sharing and disclosing. Sometimes just admitting it out loud to your therapist might take some of the stress off and you’ll feel more free to talk by…Read More

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    zissy replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression

    Im no proffesional , reaching out to the right channel might aid you even more  .perhaps the harming came bec you might have actually wanted to FEEL something amidsts the lonliness and pain clouding your heart . its good that your aware ..perhaps asking your therapist for tools on how to deal with what ever triggered these thoughts can help you…Read More

  • Ty for sharing and opening up an extremely traumatic and painful part of your life . Your so beautiful and brave to take your story in order to help empower and raise awareness to women in our community . Change cannot happen without voices ! We hear your brilliant voice loud and we are here to support you with our love and acceptence . Your so…Read More

  • We don’t always have too title everything if we end up feeling bad about ourselves .The good news is that your aware and your working on triggers and boundaries with  a professional guiding you . Our genetic and biological make up are not ours for choosing so acceptance goes along way to help us move past the negative head space we often trap…Read More

  • Well the first step is good that you have awareness and know your boundaries . Those that feel intense emotions with others might have some codependent tendicies . It’s helpful to open up to your therapists about that and gain tools as it seems to be guiding you in right direction . Alot of times our relationships are of something we might have…Read More

  • inner strength came.from.years of pain and turmoil and one day having an awakening that I was just so tired from carrying around so much within and having nothing change . I wanted to break free and truly live despite enormous yissurim from Child loss and a painful past . Realization that only I can be the one to make that choice of healing and…Read More

  • Rome wasn’t built in one day , reward and recognize all the steps you have taken ! When the road ahead seems daunting , take a look in mirror and say out load what you have accomplished and Pat your self on the back .so many times we don’t give ourselves credit for the work we have done .Doing so will give us that push to keep climbing . Inner…Read More

  • Huge hugs of support and understanding !! Here is definitely a safe place where we can share . Nothing wrong with having emotions it’s just how we can move them to a healthy place . Always say one can give themsleves a good cry now and then to let some of that pent up emotions out , but to time it more then ten minutes and then you have to…Read More

  • I don’t believe experience make one a better Therapist , they are just professionals who have been around the block more so to speak and have seen more clients and have more personal one and one . I think if some one has the abilities and the mind power to understand and have the  quick mind  to figure ppl out .and have the know how to guide a…Read More

  • as some one who has been in therapy , I can honestly say it has to match .not every therapist is for every person . Every therapist brings their own style.and personality to the table . In order to be heal one has to feel extremely safe and comfortable to be able to open up , plus connect in a way that how the therapist responds makes you want to…Read More

  • I believe it’s it’s critical to note when some one is on any type of medication as a preventative safety measures in case of emergency . Plus today there is so much awareness of children and Teens on meds that why shouldn’t they have the best outcome in the summer with thier meds be it as a camper or as staff

  • This book is a godsend and really delves deep into the family member  understanding the illness plus great therapeutic tools in processing it themselves

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    zissy replied to the topic Support group for women in the forum Resources

    Wow sounds amazing , having the right support is crucial in any journey .it means going through something alone or being supported with many who share same paths as you .kudos


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