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  • There may be a lot of reasons why religion doesn’t come into the therapy room (training, triggers, it just doesn’t come up). At the end of the day, though, religious practice and spirituality are integral parts of any frum person’s life. Some people in therapy are fortunate enough to have a good relationship with both, some don’t but want to, and…Read More

  • There’s a lot of pain in what you’re writing. It’s really hard to have so much bottled up and not have anywhere to put it, especially if you have a therapist, who’s supposed to be able to help you with this kind of thing.

    Two points: one is that there are no ‘should’s in feelings. You feel how you feel. There’s no need to feel bad about how you…Read More

  • Hi, quietBoy,

    You’re in what can be a potentially frustrating situation. You know the person should be in therapy, their acquaintances and friends know it, and deep down, it’s possible they know it as well. If they’re not ready, though, they won’t go, and even if you manage to drag them into the office, the change you’re looking for won’t happen.…Read More

  • Hi,

    Your question about loving yourself in spite of all you’ve been through is very powerful; there many who struggle with loving themselves even without the abuse. Pile that on top, and you’re in a really tough place.

    I don’t know you, so I can’t give more personalized feedback, but a few questions to think about: What does loving yourself mean…Read More

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    Yeshaya Kraus replied to the topic Emotional. in the forum Dealing with Emotions


    It sounds like there are two things going on for your relative; one is that she’s taking what happens to others very personally, the other being that she’s scared of them happening to her. It’s likely that they’re closely connected. To echo what others have mentioned, it sounds like CBT-based therapy would be helpful.

    Asking someone to think…Read More

  • Very often, working on one will have an impact on the other. Makes sense to work on whichever is the low-hanging fruit, and take it from there.

  • I’m proud to announce that I am currently accepting UHC, Oxford, and Oscar health care plans.

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