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  • splitandtrying2bme
  • Hey!!

    I’m so sorry I’m only getting back on here to respond now! Things have been very busy.

    @Fay – I love what you added here. That balance is so important, and to know that feeling lonely (cuz obviously I, and everyone may feel this at times) is not something to be scared of either.

    In terms of resources – I prefer sending them to you dir…Read More

  • Hi!

    I have so much to say about this. First of all I relate and know exactly what you are talking about. That in between place where those regular life friends don’t get treatment life, and treatment friends do not understand your real life since they are so different. It’s really hard and I have been working on finding connections and bui…Read More

  • Hey!!

    I am no professional, but I have been a client for a while:)

    This topic always seemed controversial, but from what I have seen and heard, it seems super normal to give a therapist a goodbye gift. No therapist will tell you you need to, and some will even tell you not to, but to me it seems normal to give a token of appreciation especially…Read More

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    splitandtrying2bme replied to the topic Dating in the forum Relationships

    So hard to get back up from depression when you feel inadequate and abnormal…I really know what you mean…

    I’m also in a similar situation- going through strong depression, and do not know when I will be able to get out of it and start dating…

    I would also want to have hope that I can lead a stable life one day. I really relate to the…Read More

  • Hey!

    I just wanted to tell you that I relate so so much to your post here. I have gone through many sessions feeling absolutely horrible afterwards about sharing what I did. I regretted it so so much. I felt like I couldn’t rid myself from the horrible feelings I felt after the session. I would feel crazy for how I felt, but now, looking back- I…Read More

  • I haven’t tried anything natural.

    But many anti anxiety medications can really help with this type of thing, if your interested in going to a psychiatrist. It might be a good idea…

  • Hi!!

    Wow I really get the struggle. It can be so so hard when your mind just does it’s own thing and is always active without giving you a break!!!

    I really struggle with this and have not found something that always can help it, but one thing that is helpful is to really just notice the thought. Notice them and continue on with whatever your d…Read More

  • whoa, I relate to your words so much….can’t even tell you… It gives me encouragement to read those last lines, and to realize I’m not alone with these types of thoughts…Stay strong.

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    splitandtrying2bme replied to the topic Triggered in the forum Start Here


    Wow. I don’t really know how to answer your question, but the position you are in makes me want to write in. I can’t imagine having family members with eating disorders. That must be so so hard! I totally relate to comparing myself and how bad my ED compared with others and it can be so so hard to get out of it. I also don’t like hearing…Read More

  • wow. I’m so sorry your going through that. Sounds hard and traumatic. Do you have people to speak to about what’s going on? Sounds really difficult…

    sending strength and love…

  • Hi there,

    Sounds so tough. The pain around having to see your siblings suffer like that must be so hard. I can’t imagine what it’s like.

    I’m writing to you from the other side. I’m the one with the eating disorder in my family, and I can’t imagine what my siblings and especially my sister – is going through.
    If you were my sister I would wan…Read More

  • I have someone really really great and I can also give some information about her. She’s in Monsey.
    Can you/ your friend email me and I’ll give you her info?

  • Hi,

    I’m wondering at what point is it important for someone with disordered eating/ Eating disorder to involve a dietitian?

  • Thank you for your response. Yes I am speaking to them about it. I hope it gets better.


  • Hi there,

    I haven’t been on here for a while. Missed you all. BH I have been doing very well over the past few months (some ups, and downs and slips but overall good), and suddenly since Friday my anxiety is so high, and I am feeling really depressed.

    It’s kind of terrifying me because I don’t know where this will lead to. After fighting for so…Read More

  • Hi,

    I have been following this chain of responses and your last post  really impressed me and made me want to respond even more so.

    I am no professional, just a somebody who went through an ED while is was unnoticed and undiagnosed until a while afterward, and I really really really relate to your writing around it not being bad enough.
    I love…Read More

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    splitandtrying2bme replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression

    thanks for responding and for your encouragement…

    it’s nice to know I’m not alone…

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    splitandtrying2bme replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression

    thanks for your response. I’m on medication already and I do reach out to my therapist from time to time, but I just feel so down that it is hard for me to get up and do the things I usually enjoy. Thanks for your support…


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    splitandtrying2bme replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression

    wow I am so so happy to read your post, and to hear how you went from having those intense urges (I also relate to not wanting to say the full word of committing… ) to forgetting that time and those feelings. That gives hope. Thanks for being inspiring. Good luck with everything.

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    splitandtrying2bme replied to the topic Suicide in the forum Depression


    Anyone else out there can relate to feelings of failure, self hate, and extreme shame after a sloppy attempt to shut your system down and overdosing? Like overdosing but not enough to cause too much harm, death or even hospitalization…so you just feel dumb at the end of it. I feel like I’m in the worst stuck spot. Wish I either didn’t do…Read More

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