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  • That sounds so annoying 🙁

    I can definitely related somewhat.

    The advice we received and actually worked was to call her and explain the situation so for example ” hi mom, we really appreciate you giving us advice, but we don’t find it to be so helpful and it’s actually quite annoying. We are grown adults and we have who to ask when necessary.…Read More

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    Sarah95 replied to the topic lonely… in the forum Dealing with Emotions

    Marriage can definitely help a lot however one shldnt rush into it for this reason and make sure they are stable and ready enough for marriage. If you have a kind and caring spouse, they will look after you well but remember they are also human and need to be looked after and not use up all their energy for you as they must look after themselves…Read More

  • Anyone experience tokophobia and the pressure/jealousy in a frum community where everyone is popping babies the whole time. Of course I have learnt in therapy not to feel pressured by family, friends and community who may comment that I’ve been married for a while now however even without that pressure, I really want to start a family as I see the…Read More

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