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  • How to find a good therapist who works with the subconscious mind/ does inner work? ( When behavioral therapy is full of roadblocks)
    (Out if town so relief cant help much)
    Any suggestions appreciated!!
    ( For depression and ADHD)

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    rochel replied to the topic Fear of Dogs in the forum Start Here

    exposure therapy = done properly and responsibly by a responsible, caring and competent therapist,

    can do wonders,

    it is amazing , check it out and hatzlacha!


    maybe it would be good to have a Rav, who is not also a therapist, who can guide you objectively,

    with sensitive issues, a therapist is better trained and more skilled than a coach, but he may be good and helpful for you, either way, dont give up! if the first person you try isnt so helpful,, or one of you…Read More

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    rochel replied to the topic Religion and Therapy in the forum Just Shmooze

    hi, hatzlacha on your journey and growth, i admire that youre reaching out and very involved in growing and healing

    it is very important and helpful t have a rav, and have mentors though, maybe you’re uncomfortable talking to your shul rav, or local commmunity rabbanim about your mental health, which is very very understandable, there are…Read More

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    rochel replied to the topic Bedridden in the forum Depression


    my heart goes out to you reading this, i’m so sorry to hear:(:(:(:( i cant imagine how awful it is, its very brave of you to reach out here like this, this shows that you are strong, its scary, and it is NOT your fault you are NOT lazy, its really hard

    i’m davening for you, and i really hope you get the help you need soon, and have a…Read More

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