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  • First off, Rabbi Dr J Twerski’s books area solid read; he has different topics, so pick what strikes your interest.

    Another one is: “Mindfulness: a Jewish Approach”.

    Another one is: “it’s within you”; I bought it myself.

    There is one called “Therapy and God”; that might be a little different, but related to mental health.


    Good luck

  • That was actually one of the books that I bought; it’s pretty good. I will imyh look for the others on Thursday; today was a crazy day.

  • No they are not, to my knowledge.

    Most of them are put out by Mosaica Press, which has no Lubavitch affiliation that I am aware of.

    Check them out online; you can see all the titles there.

    The one that I am currently reading is called: “It’s Within You”, by Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein and Ilene S Cohen, Ph.D.


    Much Luck!!

  • Hi!

    I am interested in reading a book that explains the four modules of DBT comprehensively, and is also easy to read.


    All suggestions are welcome.

  • I just a whole bunch of books on this subject in Hamafitz in Crown Heights.

    Please remind me on Tuesday, and I will go there and write a list for you, bli neder.

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    Wandering Jew replied to the topic ASD Referral in the forum Autism Spectrum

    Try Relief: 718-431-9501

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    Wandering Jew replied to the topic anxiety in the am in the forum Anxiety

    Another method of approach would be to see a trauma therapist, for they utilize different modalities to help process the source of the anxiety.

    Some of the modalities are: EMDR, IFS, Somatic, Relational, EFT, etc..

    All of these modalities help process the underlying childhood events that have contributed to the out-of-control anxiety.

    I…Read More

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    Wandering Jew started the topic Very Sensitive in the forum

    This topic has always been a struggle for me; being hurt.

    At the heart of it, I have always been a sensitive person. However, it has a few setbacks for me. Firstly, it affects me at a deep level; if I get hurt more than once while being vulnerable, it irreparably damages my relationship, and I can’t be reached enough. If I perceive it as a…Read More

  • Hi everyone!

    I wasn’t sure whether to put this under parenting or family dynamics, because it encompasses a little bit of both.

    Nevertheless, here it is. I have the pleasure of staying by my married sister for Yom Tov. She is a wonderful person, who is really a good person. She truly cares about her family, and does her best to provide for…Read More

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    Wandering Jew started the topic Lost Piece of Heart? in the forum

    Dating Saga:
    Hello everyone.
    I have an interesting question/situation for the forum, but before I ask it, I would like to give some background.

    About 3 years ago (24), I dated someone very seriously.
    During that time, I was emotionally immature, and struggled with setting boundaries.

    I believe that she too had a similar struggle, but that…Read More

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