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  • Hi. I have a random question.

    Does anybody know of any support group live in person in Brooklyn(preferably flatbush area) for family members of those struggling with mental health challenges? Like depression, eating disorders, etc. As a family member of those struggling I feel I can really benefit from some extra support. I know there may be more…Read More

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    okidoki replied to the topic Taking the lead in therapy in the forum Trauma

    thank you so much Rivky for your response. I appreciate that you took the time to respond to me.

    It’s weird because this is the 9th therapist I have ever gone to, and the one I stayed with the longest because I really do like her. I’m with her now for over 1.5 years, and don’t plan to leave anytime soon.  I look forward to seeing her, yet still…Read More

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    okidoki started the topic Taking the lead in therapy in the forum Trauma

    Hi. I know this is not quite a question that belongs under the trauma category, but I wasn’t quite sure where to place it. I find it so hard to take the lead in therapy and wondering if anybody has any tips to offer me. I’ll try my best to share with my therapist when she asks me a question, like I don’t usually lie, or I’ll say I don’t want to…Read More

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    okidoki replied to the topic Healing from Trauma in the forum Trauma


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    okidoki replied to the topic I don't know how to title this in the forum Trauma

    Thank you Fay Brezel and KindChild for your responses. Your words mean a lot to me. Yes, I’m aware that talking and putting my experiences into words is the step to heal. It’s just so hard. Maybe I’ll give Journaling a try for now. Do you have a book you may reccommend?

  • I’m not sure how to title this question. But I need somebody to tell me that I’m normal. Because I truly don’t feel normal right now.  I go through times when I’m totally ok, and other times where I get so caught up in thinking about different things that happened in my childhood and just feel so angry at the people involved. Specifically certain…Read More

  • Hi. I’m wondering if anybody has any tips for sharing that I think I may be depressed with my therapist? I’ve never been diagnosed, but for a long time already I’ve been feeling very low. Ever since a challenging family situation a few years back I never fully got back to myself. And dimensional it just gets worse than other times. Even I go into…Read More

  • Hi.

    I’m not sure what my question is here exactly, I’m just realizing that as I get older the bigger problem I am having with things. The fact that I am 20 years old and I am terrified to take the next step of marriage doesn’t feel right to me. I didn’t realize how afraid I am to take this step until I was almost reaching the age. And as time…Read More

  • Its actually interesting because its been something I’ve been meaning to tell my therapist for awhile, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it and when would be a good time. During that conversation she asked me a question and first I kept just saying the words its complicated over and over so not to share. But then I pushed myself to share it.…Read More

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    okidoki replied to the topic Need Hope in the forum Depression

    I am so sorry you are going through this. It sounds so difficult and I can’t even pretend to understand what you are going through. Feeling different than what those your age are doing can feel very isolating. I bh have never been through an experience like this of my own. But I can tell you a bit from watching siblings of mine struggle with…Read More

  • Thank you so much for responding! I’m definately going to give your tips a try.

  • Has anybody had the experience where they shared something with their therapist and just felt awful after? I had a session with my therapist yesterday, and I manage to tell her something I have never told anybody.  Since then I feel so disgusting. I feel so exhausted and drained, and all I want to do is go to bed. I’m starting to regret sharing…Read More

  • YANA- You Are Not Alone?

    Just a thought. Ill keep thinking.

  • I fould out more about what happened, but I’m still very upset. Before pesach my mother had asked my therapist if they can touch base, and she meant money wise. Then a few weeks later which was this situation, she asked my mother to come in. She thought my mother wanted to have a meeting. I understand that she wanted to call me to let me know but…Read More

  • Hi there.

    I am so stressed out right now. I had a session with my therapist this Tuesday, and suddenly yesterday my mother asked me if my therapist had called me because she asked my mother to come in to see her for 30 minutes,  and my mother told her to lmk so im not nervous about the whole thing. My therapist never called me, and the…Read More

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    okidoki replied to the topic Joint pain in the forum Self Care

    Hi. I constantly get joint and chest pains and for years I was chasing what it was. All the doctors thought maybe arthritis. Finally they found that I have a genetic condition called FMF(Familial Meditaranian Fever), rare inflammatory condition.  Maybe check if you have that. Although, if this is your first time with this occuring  depending on a…Read More

  • I finally told my dad who lives in a different state than me that I do not feel comfortable coming for a visit and staying in his home being that I still live under my mother’s roof and I know she won’t be happy with it. He has been wanting me to come visit him for a while but I do not feel comfortable being around his wife, but he doesn’t…Read More

  • How do I support a good friend of mine who recently started drinking and drugs. She left town for a few months to a program and unfortunately got kicked out of the program because of certain negative behaviors that she started engaging in. So she is coming back to town soon and I’m not sure how to support her since we are friends, but also not…Read More

  • Thank you for your responses. It means a lot to me.

  • Hi. I am back again.

    I don’t have a question, I am just extremely overwhelmed and anxious and don’t know what to think.

    I said last that I had 2 siblings who were hospitalized for mental health conditions. Recently was my sister for an eating disorder.  And I am still having a hard time.

    Well, this past Friday it was found that another…Read More

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