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  • This depends on so many different factors.  Some questions to consider are:

    What are the client’s religious and cultural values? What kind of healing is the client looking for? What are the client’s therapeutic relationship needs?

    With a more psychodynamic lens, sometimes we benefit more from seeing a therapist of the same gender of the primary…Read More

  • Hi livelovelaugh again,

    Based on the new details you just shared, I have some additional thoughts.

    I think to do all that in a first session, when the client is not going for sex therapy and the presenting issue is not sexual in natural then the timing of these questions along with unsolicited psychosexual education sound like red flags to…Read More

  • Hi livelovelaugh,

    The question can be a standard intake/assessment question however for regular therapy (meaning not sex therapy), it wouldn’t necessarily be the first question asked in a first session, especially because it is something considered taboo not just in the religious world but in the secular world too.

    It’s possible this therapist…Read More

  • Great, insightful question!  My short answer is – try processing in therapy where the desire is coming from.

    As your question suggests, it is possible it is simply a typical human desire and it’s also possible it’s a maladaptive behavior.  It typically depends on biopsychosocial factors, meaning your medical history and physiology, your p…Read More

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    Michali Friedman replied to the topic Support groups in the forum Resources

    We are launching a support group that involves guided journaling and group processing led by one of our clinicians.  Please feel free to reach out if this is something that interests you!

  • Hi justkeepswimming,

    First off, I love your username, great reference!

    Being in a place we don’t want to be is hard enough, and then when we resume behaviors that we know are not good for us, it’s that much harder.

    I would echo what some people have mentioned which is to get an inner circle of support with friends, family, therapy, mentors,…Read More

  • Hi cnjourney,

    Feeling isolated and a longing for close relationships while also feeling scared of engaging in close relationships because of trauma is a deeply lonely and painful reality.  I think you can trust your intuition and if it’s telling you now is the time to learn how to forge relationships, then go with it.  One recommendation is to l…Read More

  • Hi,

    This is a really complex situation as you have shared because of your son’s history and mental health struggles as well as how you and your wife differ in your responses to the maladaptive behaviors.  Living with an adult child who does not know how to regulate his emotions and suffers from mental health challenges can be incredibly…Read More

  • That makes sense.  Understanding that the anxiety is what is causing those thoughts can take away some of the power of those thoughts.  It can be immensely helpful to find the right therapist to learn how to manage these anxieties.

    In terms of the 2nd point, you speak of common cultural actions men and women take when they are looking for a l…Read More

  • Hi Nochum,

    If I were meeting with you in session, I would tease out the two – the anxiety and attraction.  I would want to explore more your history of anxiety, how anxiety manifests in other areas of your life, and your relationship with anxiety in general.  After all, anxiety simply is fear and we can have different relationships with fear t…Read More

  • Hi,

    I love your honesty in your question. You are 100% right that no one is perfect and we are all constantly evolving (whether in cementing maladaptive behaviors or breaking scripts and increasing our functioning and contentment).

    There is the concept of good enough, which oftentimes helps with combatting perfectionism.  Good enough means that…Read More

  • Hi Anonymous WhatsApper,

    Your question is such a beautiful, deep, and soulful question, I feel your sensitivity in it.

    In answer to the first part of your question, while it’s true most people did not have access to a therapist 100 years ago, that doesn’t mean therapy wasn’t needed.  Any human need can exist even if we haven’t yet found a way…Read More

  • I hear the deep pain in your writing and I am so deeply sorry you are in this place.  It sounds like you are surrounded with so much love that you find you cannot access because of wounds from your childhood.  Therapy is definitely the place to be, and it can take time to heal these deep wounds.  It might be helpful to keep in mind that he…Read More

  • Hi quietBoy,

    First of all, let me acknowledge that it can be super frustrating to see someone flail in life and refuse to accept help.  This frustration can get compounded when this person’s issues spill over into our lives in not very positive ways.

    At the end of the day though, we can never make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.  T…Read More

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    Michali Friedman replied to the topic Triggered in the forum Start Here

    Hi Balance123,

    It’s really incredible how far into recovery you are in, that takes so much courage and strength.

    As you continue on your recovery journey, it can be helpful to continuously assess your goals and as you hit them to make new recovery goals.  Right now, it sounds like you have made a lot of headway in managing the eating…Read More

  • So beyond grateful and excited to welcome Rivka Cohen, LMSW to the Embrace Therapy family.
    She is warm, intuitive, and kind, and has incredible clinical skill when it comes to helping people navigate their relationships and lives. Welcome Rivka!

  • Hi okidoki,

    That sounds so terrifying on so many levels.  It makes sense that you might feel a jumble of emotions including confusion, anger, sadness, loneliness, and fear, to name a few.

    Garnering the right support as well as making sure to engage in lots and lots of self-care activities in a crisis is crucial.  Self-care includes nurturing y…Read More

  • Hi Moshe,

    That sounds painfully lonely.  And I’ll bet the sadness is connected not just from possible physiological sadness but also from the fact that you don’t feel truly seen.

    I’d be curious to explore where the feelings of sadness and pain come from.  Almost always there are stories and reasons behind these feelings and they need to be p…Read More

  • Hi avocad0,

    Evident in your subject title and question, is a lot of pain.  I can only imagine the suffering you experienced and how that has affected your sense of self.  Oftentimes when we experience abuse of any kind as children, instead of thinking “my parent(s) is doing something damaging and wrong” we blame ourselves and tell ourselves “I m…Read More

  • Hi mentalhealth08,

    Great question!

    Depression in its most simplified definition is intense sadness.

    There are many forms of depression, genetic depression, clinical depression, situation depression.

    Sometimes we are born with depression, sometimes we develop depression due to our environments and life circumstances and a lack of tools to deal…Read More

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