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  • imafighter
  • Hey,

    I have a question that’s been on my mind ever since I started talking to this guy on a dating app.

    So I have a few mental health issues and I wanted to start dating to get married also because I’m 21 and I think it’s time and I’m ready. But I also have past trauma that I am in therapy for and actively working on it but still don’t want it t…Read More

  • Thank you so much and I am so happy for you that your starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I’m just in darkness all the time but I hope with time and this process that I am starting it will help in the long run. So thank you @i_am_ok

  • Thank you so much for responding Dana I really appreciate it. That was so helpful everything you said so perfectly and I’m definitely going to use what you said to my advantage. Thank you again!


  • Hey 👋

    Im new here and just started trauma therapy and I’m terrified does anyone have advice or experienced then and can tell me what happens and reassure me.

    Thank you!

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