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  • Wow – you’re faced with such a tremendous decision.

    Would you have to testify? If yes, definitely take into consideration all the emotions that will likely come up.

    I’m assuming you’ve discussed this with your therapist, right?

  • I relate – I’ve been in therapy for years and I really like my therapist – I still am a nervous wreck every single week before my session. It’s kind of something I just got used to. (maybe some anxiety meds would help me.. it’s something I’m looking into)

  • I have to say, this really resonates with me. At one point I was pushing for a diagnosis – I thought it would help me fit everything neatly into a box and I’d be able to tie a pretty bow on top and call myself fixed, healed.

    My therapist kept telling me that diagnoses are perfect for billing insurance but not as much for healing… Humans are…Read More

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    if-the-stars-align replied to the topic DPDR in the forum Anxiety

    You’re most definitely not the only one. I experienced it for many years.

    You know, sometimes our bodies do things that are considered “disordered” just to survive a very terrible situation. Once we are safe, however, the behavior can get in the way of living life the way we want to.

    I’m just pointing this out because I want you to know you’re…Read More

  • I can relate to this very much as well.

    I usually email my therapist – sometimes I email her and ask her to please bring xyz up during the session and I’ll tell her about it then, and sometimes I include the entire “issue” in the email.

    I used to get very frustrated at myself for being unable to just talk openly in therapy, but my therapist is…Read More


    I think I can relate – tell me if this is what you mean.

    While the trauma was actively happening, I think I was in survival mode. In my case, I was the “happy, popular, life of the party” kid – even though I was actively going through abuse – for years. Nobody would’ve ever guessed.

    My body was in survival mode and I did what I had to do to…Read More

  • I never really thought about re-adjusting our relationship to kind of make it work for who I am now – since I definitely changed since I was a teenager. For the better or worse, it is what it is. I think there is a part of me that feels like I don’t deserve a relationship, perhaps because of the changes in my life. But what you said really…Read More

  • <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Thank you, @Leebi for taking the time to write out such a detailed and thought-out response! </span>

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I’ve heard about Chazkeinu and I am familiar with the founder, I have never joined their program although I did recently look into it. Perhaps it’s a good idea for me to revi…Read More

  • I know that the past couple of weeks have been tremendously triggering for me personally and I am sure other people with a history of trauma can relate. I wrote this poem a while ago and I decided to share it here in case it gives anyone chizzuk.


    Come little girl, hold onto my hand

    Don’t cower any longer – you’ll see, you can…Read More

  • Hey!

    I think it’s part of being human to feel like we want to share our story – who we are, essentially, with someone and to hear that we are normal in our feelings and reactions.

    Are you currently seeing someone or the 2 therapists were in the past? If you’re not seeing someone, I would totally encourage you to either return to your old…Read More

  • thanks so much for responding. I actually have tears running down my cheeks from your response.

    The truth is, that I really do believe that I am lazy. As a teenager I spoke to Hashem all day long. I literally had a running conversation Him. Davening from a siddur was always challenging for me but I had a relationship. Even (especially, actually)…Read More

  • I didn’t realize it was an official thing – that therapists shy away from discussing religion. We’ve touched on it – lightly, but my therapist basically told me that I have to work my relationship with God out, but didn’t seem so on board with being the one to do it with me.

    I find it confusing. Also makes me feel a little hopeless – like is it so…Read More

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