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  • iamafighter15
  • You’re human my dear.. I know it’s hard to hear this but it’s a constant battle which we will always have. We were created imperfectly and that’s our struggle. Realize how precious this is to Hashem. If he needed perfection- He has plenty of Malachim. But he wants US with our failures and thousands of negative voices that want to bring us down and…Read More

  • @climber that sounds really hard!

    I can relate, I used to feel that way a LOT!

    I can still feel that way at times. Especially when I’m sick…

    All I can say is hang in there.. It does get better with time. and as Chavy wrote, try giving yourself tons of validation and compassion. Because you’re the only one who can give that to yourself best.…Read More

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    iamafighter15 replied to the topic Psychedelics for Trauma in the forum Trauma

    I know someone personally who did it (with supervision) and it was very effective.

    There is a more natural version which is also very healing and way more gentle. It’s called Breathwork.

  • Hey!

    Lately I’ve been working on doing things that are difficult for me, and out of my comfort zone. It’s something I’m choosing to do in order to break my fear of people. One of the things I do is I’m currently in touch with ppl who hurt me in the past and talking to them every day now..

    I know that there are many ppl who would say ‘that’s…Read More

  • YES I can totally relate!!!

    I had to learn to sit with my emotions. That was the ‘Medication’ that helped me for it..

  • Such an amazing response!!

  • Hey!

    First of all I feel you. Being lonely is one of the most painful feelings that a person can have. I went through feeling alone for many years. Around me I had people, but I felt so alone inside..

    Right now I’m happy to say that no longer the case. Feel free to message me.

    Good luck!!

  • I’m happy!!

  • Can you expand on that? Maybe open a new thread with your question

  • Wow!! Such a beautiful poem!!!!

    It’s so well written and brings out feelings of empowerment and hope!!

    Thanks for sharing it!!

  • Wow! That’s so well written and true!!

    I can especially attest to this:

    Your therapist is there to empower you to become your best self and build a healthy relationship with yourself. You as a Jew and your relationship with Hashem will surely follow.

    Thank you so much!!

  • I’m also not a professional but I can tell you this much.You wrote that you went through difficult years where you cried to Hashem all the time. Do you even realize how UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING you are? The fact that you’re still alive, and frum..MANY people went through traumatic events and they ended up leaving Yiddishkeit. Some even snapped!!…Read More

  • Wow that’s so kind of you to say all that!!!

  • @hope that sounds so painful and confusing and lonely!!!

    I’m sending you hugs and really hope that things get easier for you. They will. Sooner than you think!!

    In the meantime, see if you can take it easy and be kind to yourself whenever you have a chance. For me that helped every time. I think that without realizing we put ourselves down all…Read More

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    iamafighter15 replied to the topic Forgiveness in the forum Trauma

    Hey @sometimesconfused! That sounds so hard!!

    I went through a lot in my past. And used to eat myself up for everything I did wrong (Believe me, there were many!) Until I heard 2 things that helped me calm down

    1-There’s a concept in Judaism of putting your life before everyone else(Chayechu kodmin) Before worrying about anyone else. You need to…Read More

  • I also find it frustrating when a therapist wont discuss religion in therapy. Maybe it’s because it’s simply not something that they’re trained to do. Many times They only address things related to mental health directly since it’s not their role. That’s why it’s helpful to have a Rav along with a therapist. But since many of us aren’t connected…Read More

  • Hi all! I’m wondering if I can get some advice here..

    I went through a lot of abuse and didn’t feel loved as a child. By some very big miracle I’m still alive today and successful in my life. I came a long way. From being selective mute to getting a thrill on going out of my comfort zone as well as being there for others in a way that nobody was…Read More

  • Hey Okidoki,


    I totally get that feeling!! I actually struggled with it for a very long time. I’ll try to share with you some things that helped me.

    Try to sit down before every session and write down everything in your life that bothers you. Sometimes I found that the reason why I couldn’t share what was going on is because it was not clear…Read More

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