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  • Let’s talk about suicidal ideations – something I am currently struggling with. There I said it, the cat is out of  the bag. I used to struggle with them and then along my healing journey they went away and I was overjoyed, I beat the beast, and about a month ago they came back and although I know I won’t act on them it is frightening and…Read More

  • How does one go about getting comfort, attention, and love when there is no one to give it to you. As of yet I am still single and don’t have a partner, my parents even though I wish I could get it from them unfortunately they can’t give me the love and attention I want. I have an amazing therapist, however it doesn’t feel enough. Giving it to…Read More

  • I’ve been with my current therapist for six years now and I’ve done great work with her. Like most relationships there have been ups and downs but mainly ups thank g-d. Lately I’ve been finding myself feeling very sad and lonely every time I leave session. We’re doing good work and in session I feel so normal and then when I leave this…Read More

  • How do I validate myself and forgive myself after engaging in a behavior that goes against my values. I keep promising myself I won’t do it again and I keep failing and engaging in the behavior. It makes me so sad and angry with myself, and also causing so much shame for me…

  • How to deal with rejection? It hurts so much and brings up so much for me. Cognitively I know that they don’t always mean to reject me however in the moment I can’t access that. It sends me into a tailspin of feeling awful and ruminating and what not. It also makes me not want to ask again so I can “protect” myself from getting hurt…

  • Hi @imafighter,

    Kudos to you for taking this huge step! Just remember it won’t be a linear process, there will be plenty ups and downs and times where you will think to yourself what did I get myself into but you need to remember that it will be worth it in the end. When I did trauma therapy it was so difficult because so much came up for me. I…Read More

  • I would bring this up with your therapist as she/he can help you figure out if there is something you need that you are not getting from the session which can be the cause of the bad mood. I know for myself sometimes I leave with this gnawing feeling and I don’t feel so good after a session and when I reflect back I realize something was missing…Read More

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    I_am_okay started the topic Feeling my emotions in the forum Trauma

    My whole life I was told it is not okay to feel my emotions. With a lot of hard work I am finally in a place where I can allow myself to feel them but it is so painful that it is no wonder I want to push them away and close off my emotions. I struggle to sit with my emotions because I am afraid of getting stuck and that the emotion will “take…Read More

  • My therapist just came back last month from a two month maternity leave. I too was so scared but I spoke to her about it and together we created a plan that I felt comfortable with. I came up with coping skills and also I bought a notebook that I wrote things I wanted to share with her and when I came back to sessions I gave it to her…

  • Thank you @Fay and @Michalli for answering my question in the live on Tuesday. Also thank you @Zipa Leah for your kind response. Unfortunately my niece passed away on Friday night. Right now I feel completely numb. I can’t even cry. I’m not angry, not grieving, nothing, just plain numb. It doesn’t even make sense. I feel the need to cry yet I can’t….

  • How does one get ready for knowing that someone’s end is near? My niece is a special needs child and is in the ICU and the doctors told my sister to get ready because this is most likely the end. I know that there is Hashem above who controls the world and miracles are possible and at the same time when we are being told that the end is so close…Read More

  • Why are labels important? I used to think that they make a difference but some of the mental health labels have such a bad reputation and I feel so bad having it. I don’t go around telling everyone my labels but even sometimes going to professionals they look at me differently when they hear certain labels. It’s like they won’t believe what I’m…Read More

  • The anniversary of one of my most major traumas is coming up. It happened a while ago and I have worked through most of it however I am worried about getting through the day and the emotions it will bring up. An additional difficult piece is that my therapist won’t be there to support me through this as she is on leave right now. I created a cope…Read More

  • I am suffering from crippling anxiety and can’t seem to get it under control. I finally found a medication that helped me so much with the anxiety but the side effects were too severe for me to handle and I had to stop it completely and now I am back to square one. I also tried on the advice of my psychiatrist CBD, Inositol, and NAC and they all…Read More

  • I am in individual DBT therapy which allows for coaching calls in between sessions. My therapist responds to my texts but I only use it if I really am in distress.

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