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  • Hi, I’m having tough time with my emotions. In my journey of healing from a traumatic past I’ve learned how to be conscious and aware. It helps me to identify what I’m feeling, and how to navigate those emotions in healthy way. I find, though, that there’s a very fine line between allowing an emotion to sit with me, hold space for it, and withhol…Read More

  • I’ve even struggling lately… lots of stuff coming up from my traumatic past, as I try to heal and function as a member of society. I know that stuff comes up as part of the healing process, but it’s still really tough. It almost feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back sometimes. I would appreciate any and all advice, on how to make the recovery ride easier.

  • … you feel a Current of excitement rip thru your body, when you envision your safe space aka the therapy room

    anything happens, (good, bad,) and the first person you think of telling, is your therapist….



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