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  • Hope
  • Hi all,

    I know it’s normal to miss my therapist between sessions but I’m wondering what I can do lessen those intense feelings of missing her and wanting to be with her when I can’t. I try to distract myself sometimes but sometimes I just miss her so much and feel so sad. I try validating my feelings and don’t push them away but it doesn’t…Read More

  • I feel so down about life. There’s so much going on in my life that I can’t handle. It’s too much and nobody understands. What is the point of living when one has so much pain and suffering? How does someone have peace of mind and soul when the people you live with are dysfunctional? What am I supposed to do? Life is not fair.

  • Alot of times after a therapy session, I feel down, ashamed, and just not a good feeling. I feel off after being so vulnerable. It’s like a therapy hangover and I’m wondering what I can do about this. Thanks!

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    I’m in therapy now and have a great therapist that I like. However, I’m constantly thinking about her during the week and miss her so much to the point where it is too much for me and it’s overwhelming me. It’s taking away from my normal functioning. I’m either thinking about her or replaying the last session we had. I don’t know what to do…Read More

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