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    EMDR is an incredible therapy with the potential to change people’s lives. Unfortunately, not that many people have heard of it. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed until 3 years after my head-on collision w […]

    EMDR Therapy: My Personal & Professional Journey

    EMDR is an incredible therapy with the potential to change people’s lives. Unfortunately, not that many people have heard of it. In fact, I didn't even know it existed until 3 years after my head-on collision with a truck...

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    • Wow, wow. I truly enjoyed reading the entire article. It’s very informative, engaging and really humanizes therapists. Thank you!

      • So glad you liked my article. My goal in writing this article was to show that therapists are human and we go through stuff too. All of us in this world have our challenges. I hope in some small way, this article helps you feel ok about getting help in therapy.

    • Gelly,
      I love this article. You’ve explained so clearly how EMDR helps people process trauma and sharing your personal experience illustrated how well it works.

    • Thanks, Michelle. EMDR is a powerful therapy. Many people somehow report being afraid to do EMDR and my hope is to destigmatize therapy and show how EMDR works when done correctly.

    • Thanks, it took quite a while to find the right help. What I learned from this experience is to never give up when things are hard! We can get help. Just last week, I was driving through a terrible downpour a day or so after I published this blog and realized again that I wasn’t at all afraid of the rain. I found myself thanking Hashem for the gift of healing and EMDR all over again.

  • Loyal Yingel

    100% trust needed.

    A good therapist should ask the questions and help a client find their own answers.

    A good therapist will teach skills to help a client regain control over their life.

    A good therapist can provide parenting guidance when clients do not have a model to work from.

    A good therapist will explain why they recommend…Read More

  • Loyal Yingel,

    You are suffering. I understand it’s hard. If I didn’t get your question right, I apologize. This is a forum so I respond the best I can to what I’m reading and what’s between the lines.

    Depending on where you live, you may be able to get insurance coverage for a DBT program.

    There is hope. Sometimes, hope doesn’t mean the answe…Read More

  • Hi LoyalYingel,

    Ok, so I’m hearing that you’re clear about what is most difficult for you- how you behave and how you react.

    You are right that DBT is the treatment of choice. Medication helps as well with mood regulation, so does exercise and proper lifestyle habits.

    Sometimes, I advise people to attend an intensive treatment program for DBT…Read More

  • Hi Anonymous,

    wow! You really have persevered! I’m so glad you found DBT and that it is helpful.

    Gelly Asovski, LCSW-R RPT-S

  • Agreed.

    Gelly Asovski, LCSW-R RPT-S

  • I guess there was always talking. And challenging thoughts. Or making peace with mental illness and just existing without hope for change.

    For many people, family support was much bigger years ago as people lived in nuclear communities.

    Nowadays, many people do not live near their family and feel more isolated.

    Many mindfulness tools teach to…Read More

  • Chavy,

    Sounds like you really have these DBT skills down pat. The thing is, though, they need to be used and it’s not always easy.

    Best of luck,

    Gelly Asovski, LCSW-R RPT-S

  • Hi, I’m so glad you use the DBT skills. One thing at a time is a very important skill.
    I do mindfulness often while polishing silver and ironing which sound strange but I learned to enjoy the slow steady activity and just notice every part of this “ slowing down” activity which needs to be done anyway.

    Honestly, the Observe and Describe skill…Read More

  • Hi again, somehow with A, I missed the following “ avoid mood altering substances.

    Part of living a frum lifestyle with family is really doing all your hishtadlus to be stable mentally. It would definitely be helpful to find a frum therapist that understands frum lifestyle to help manage all the pieces of living a frum lifestyle.

    best of luck,


  • Hi Chavy,

    One of the DBT skills to help reduce emotional vulnerability is called “ PLEASE” which stands for 1- PhysicaL activity 2- balance Eating 3- mood Altering substances 4- balance Sleep 5- and get Exercise.

    This may be a big help in stabilization efforts.

    i do recommend following Doctors advice regarding medication. You can always exp…Read More

  • Hi, just jumping in here as I’m reading through the posts. To respond to the original  question about feeling lonely and feeling needy, I’m wondering if you have tried mindfulness practice. I find that extremely helpful in my own life and with my clients. In particular, I recommend DBT skills as I find them so helpful with step by step skill buil…Read More

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