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Dr. Joanne Royer

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About me

Owner, Change Agent & Associates

Professional Certified Coach

For more than 20 years, I practiced successfully as a licensed psychotherapist. I became interested in life coaching principles and fundamentals because I recognized the limitations of therapy and the power of facilitating one’s personal development through the coaching relationship. Moving away from psychotherapy, in 2006. I consider it a gift to help women get to the core of what is getting in the way of them seeing and stepping into their pure potential.
In my work, I help women come up with options, possibilities, and opportunities where they can’t see any. Who doesn’t deserve a cheerleader by their side? I will engage you, motivate you, encourage you, hold your hand yet hold you accountable for moving forward and taking action. Having a coach on your side makes all the difference between just thinking about it and actually doing it.

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