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  • cnjourney
  • id love to see what you have on DBT that can help. My email is

  • I definitely hear your concern. It definitely depends on the person and where you are holding. However, relationships are healing so it may just be the conduit you need.  Of course, you need to be sure the person whom you are getting into a relationship with is healthy enough as well. Overall, I think if your aware that you need the support and…Read More

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    cnjourney started the topic Craniosacral therapy in the forum Self Care

    Hey does anyone know of a craniosacral therapist in Brooklyn?

    also, does anyone have any experience on doing it for healing trauma?



  • Hey, I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life and as a result have a hard time developing relationships. I feel so lonely, at the same time so hesitant to form relationships. I see a therapist and I guess that will help me eventually but it just feels so slow. I really feel that forming relationships would help me in that I would have some t…Read More

  • Hi,

    I often hear that a therapist can only take a client as far as he/she have went themselves. My therapist is older and I don’t believe he is married. Can I trust him to discuss my own dating and to get guidance if I would like to get married?

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    cnjourney started the topic Dating with CEN in the forum Relationships

    Hi, I relatively new to the world of trauma and emotional neglect. I’m wondering how to open up to people I’m dating about this? Of course, it’s all in the way you phrase it and explain it. Any help would be appreciated.



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