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  • unfortunately it is the case for many.

    I was in a position of barely being able

    to afford day to day expenses and $200 a session, every week, was just beyond what I could afford. I HAD to find someone cheaper and I managed to BH. I feel that she’s just as good if not better than the $200 one only because we match perfectly and she’s hel…Read More

  • I definitely see it as a “more experience = higher cost” but it can get vry expensive for something that many of us NEED.

    I worked backwards after spending too much money on it and it was debt or death. Literally.

    So I went to my health insurance website and found which providers accepted my insurance and lived near me. THen I googled reviews…Read More

  • Ok everyone I am signing off for now but I really enjoyed answering all your questions and I really hope you gained some insight too.  Please refer your friends to read this, message me if you have any other questions or want to see my youtube video with my story.  Follow me on instagram 😉 and I’m sure Fay will keep this open so if there are a…Read More

  • hmm I had to think about this one, sometimes I wish she would give me a straight up answer. Like when I ponder about decisions. But to be honest she is so sweet and when I think back I realize she has trained me to talk MYSELF through things, in the moment, to make decisions and KNOW that these are what I need to do now and I deserve it.  She…Read More

  • Does she go to therapy? Or is she married? Because at this point I would say ask them what to do.  I can’t really answer that but I do understand how hard it is.

  • Haha ok sometimes I feel like it takes over my life and that actually adds to my anxiety.  I find myself being short with my family because I have “so muhc to do” like story or post.  But I have to remind myself all the time that my followers don’t need me in the moment, my kids and husband do and I have to remind myself that its OK if I don’t s…Read More

  • LOL So I happen to be a super duper fast typer.  It is a great habit 😉

    Rescue remedy is created by a comapny called Bachs.  It is a mixture of herbs that are supposed to help you calm down.  They really help me. I also actually chew gum because that seems to help me too.

    And yes to the chocolates, like I keep saying it isn’t about what to sa…Read More

  • This is a difficult question – when do we know to get concerned.

    Honestly I don’t feel qualified to answer that but my best bet would be that if they mention fleeting thoughts, just sit with them, maybe ask if you can meet up so you know she is safe. The next best thing would be to call an immediate family member.  If someone straight up says I…Read More

  • 1000% this.  No one ever thinks anyone else understands what they are going through and to an extent it is true. No one knows the honest to God feelings that are in my head so the real help is to just LISTEN. Don’t make smart comments, don’t try too hard, don’t give suggestions she didn’t ask for.  JUST LISTEN!

  • Ask them who you can call for them.  Ask them if you can come over to sit with them for a while or take them out to eat.

  • This is what I am here for – answering your questions.  I also jsut want to say if you want to privately message me on here or on my instagram page feel free to do so I will help you as much as I can!

    How does your anxiety come out on a day to day basis? And what’s your favorite coping skill?

    I have a major phobia of vomit, which is where a…Read More

  • Be there for her. And like I said before, by that I don’t mean ask her a million questions of what she is feeling, what meds shes on or what her therapist said.

    Just tell her honestly, I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you but let me know if you need anything. Call her randomly and invite her for coffee.  Send her breakfast one day.…Read More

  • Once you get PPD once you are at a much higher risk of getting it again.  It is one of the reasons that having another child after suffering from PPD is so scary.  But it doesn’t mean you definitely will.  Also once you have been through it once you have more tools to get through it the next time but you also recognize it sooner and can get help sooner.

  • “so you never struggled with anxiety or depression prior to marriage and the birth of your fist child?”

    By nature I am not a super calm water-off-my-back type of person. I was always nervous and anxious about things but it never took over my life.  After my first child was born, I was in teh USA, didn’t have any immediate family here besides my…Read More

  • I am so sorry that that happened to you! A true friend would know that she has to call someone to help you not just distance herself.

    On the flip side I can understand why she got scared but again, she should have reached out for advice how to help you best not distanced herself.  When I was beginning to be more open about my medication etc…Read More

  • They said suicide was selfish, they said medications are crap and just fill your body with badness. yadayadayada.

  • “So you were on Instagram before you opened up and then when you opened up your page blew up?”

    Yes I have had an instagram page for about 3 years now. I doubled my following in the past 5 months since opening up. The morning after I posted that first post I had over 50 messages and I think that photo got the most likes I had ever had on a pic…Read More

  • Omg I didn’t mean she reminds me that I have an illness, she reminds me that I have her, that I have support and it is 1000% ok to suffer and take meds and heal the way I need to heal.

    If that makes sense LOL.

  • I guess it is a strength.

    One of my followers wrote to me something so touching right after I started talking publicly about my struggles.

    She told me “I don’t want to tell you that you are so brave because that implies that there is something to fear and this isn’t scary – it is life!”

  • Honestly I can’t say that I have received any hate per se.  Right at the beginning there were a couple posts on instagram by people who I know saw my posts and then went and said the complete opposite, essentially shaming people with mental health illness and giving power to the stigma.  I was extremely upset and I took it really hard but o…Read More

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