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  • chayasatt
  • Hello EmotionalSafta,

    Your post tells me that you are controlling the self harm during the day when you are aware of your surroundings. If this is correct, than I believe that you are able to set in place some protective measures when you are a sleep. Depending on the form of self harm you may have to try different tactics, but since you are…Read More

  • Hello,

    There is no greater distance in the world than the distance between our mind and our heart. I am sorry that you had to hear those painful words from your father. While your mind may be aware of a long and difficult relationship, the premise for these words, and/or a reason to understand that these words may not be representative of the…Read More

  • Hello,

    Asking for help always puts us in a vulnerable state which can be particularly difficult with the people who we love and respect most. That being said, lets first check in what you mean by “embarrassed”. Is this something that you assume your parents will support, but it is difficult for you to share or is it something that you fear your…Read More

  • Hi,

    Your question is one that many of us probably share as we learn all our social interactions by watching and imitating people around us. However, it seems that it has reached a point that you are no longer comfortable with and that is a good reason to try and stop the imitation and it seems, the indimitation. While we can talk about some…Read More

  • Hello Chavy,

    Your struggle is one that I can assure you many of us share. I know I certainly have asked the same question for myself many times. I wonder though if we can try to reframe the question rather than it taking on two polarized options. Right now you are choosing between one anxiety provoking extreme or another. How about a little of…Read More

  • Dear Split and Trying,

    Your question is one that I think is shared by almost anyone who is struggling. How much can I push myself and effect my struggling vs. how much am I a victim to my struggling. I am also hearing the question of how responsible am I for the pain I am going through. The question itself is one that makes me uncomfortable and I…Read More

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    chayasatt replied to the topic ASD Referral in the forum Autism Spectrum


    If he is 4 years old, it is likely he is not ready for a ADHD evaluation. Generally clinicians wait until 6 years old to determine that. However for ASD, I would suggest starting with a neurologist.

  • Another grade read is DBT made simple, by Sherri Van Dijk. Here is a link:  I found it to be thorough, but also easy to understand.

  • Hello Avocado,
    Your writing is and has been very expressive, deep, and honest. While you are writing about your personal experience, I am sure that there are many people who can relate to your experience. Trauma stays in our body long after we have cognitively processed what happened and seem to have moved passed it. It sounds like you have some…Read More

  • Hello Keepsmiling,

    Sorry it has been so long since you asked this question.

    I can give you a brief outline of what is considered disordered behavior. For example;

    • Restricting: Skipping or limiting meals, snacks or restricting a specific food or food group.
    • Binging: eating an excessive amount of food in a short period of time.
    • Purging:…

    Read More

  • Hi Chavy,

    It seems like you have gotten some pretty solid and sound advice. You also seem to know yourself and your triggers really well. Saying that you have BPD is not only a label, but also an awareness which is primary and paramount to being able to get the help you need. Your difficulty in relationships and your craving for a motherly figure…Read More

  • Hello KeepSmiling,

    I really like the question as awareness and prevention are often the key factors in helping prevent a crisis. An eating disorder usually stems from an unhealthy relationship with food. The symptoms such as; restricting, binging, purging, etc… are only signs that something is troubling the person and therefore they are…Read More

  • Hello,
    I would like to echo Chavy’s words here. Opening up about a topic that is shameful and personal took a lot of courage, but going into the detail can be even more frightening. It seems like you have a supportive and receptive therapist. Part of the therapeutic work is not just about sharing the content, but also about the nature in which the…Read More

  • Hello Chavy,

    You are asking a great question. I want to broaden your question a bit from being an ethical one to being one of personal comfort as well for both you and your potential clients. Putting ethics to the side for a minute, how does it feel to be only partially anonymous? How can it potentially effect your relationship with your clients…Read More

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    chayasatt replied to the topic The Depression Swamp in the forum Depression

    Thank you for sharing this analogy Rivkah. The swamp is a great way to help one visualize the spiral that happens so quickly with our thoughts. I love the use of this analogy, because it really allows you to imagine and picture where you may be on the way to the swamp and how close you are getting to a zone you may not want to be in.

    In the same…Read More

  • Hi Chavy,

    One book I really enjoyed was “Torah Therapy”, by Rabbi Elimelech Lamdan. I believe you should be able to get it in most Judaica stores.

  • Avocado,

    Your writing does an amazing job at sharing what so many people feel. So many people are walking around with a facade that they desperately would like to share but for one reason or another are unable to. One way to look at mental illness is the start discrepancy between our inner world and our outer appearance. For example, if someone…Read More

  • Avocado,

    Your words and poetry share such a deep and integral part of who you are. What I seem to hear repeated through your various posts is the struggle between the highly functional exterior and the painful inner world. It seems as if you are battling to find the one truth with those two parts of who you are. While we are created and designed…Read More

  • Hello Chavy,

    You are asking a good question, but also negating an important and ok factor of human dynamics. As human beings we were created to relate. Needing other people in your life is perfectly normal. That being said, we want to also be ok when others are not available and to develop a strong sense of self.

    A sense of self is very much…Read More

  • Hi Chavy,

    What you are describing is a normal and healthy response as a child. As you get older  you will begin to strengthen your sense of self and build your security and safety in other ways. The more you can find your own inner safety and security the less vulnerable you will be by your moms reactions. Regardless, your moms emotions may…Read More

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