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  • Chavy
  • Hi all,

    So, I’ve posted before about feeling attached to my therapist, and the feelings are really strong now, prompting me to write and get validation.

    I had a zoom session and will have another zoom one this week, and since it’s not the same as an in-person one, I’m feeling myself missing my therapist really badly. We made strict boundaries so…Read More

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    Chavy started the topic Religion and Therapy in the forum Just Shmooze

    As someone whose been in both therapy and group therapy for quite some time, I keep wondering why religion, isn’t spoken about and is often what clinicians shy away from. To me, religion is the elephant in the room because it’s so avoided in group therapy. Yes, people are on different spiritual levels, but does that have to exclude discussions on…Read More

  • How can I view therapists in a non-idealized way? For example, I know someone who does a lot. She’s a therapist, coaches people, she’s involved with a website, and I just idealize her and almost lose access to her humane part. How do I view therapists as people too when I only see one side. I don’t see their anxieties and insecurities. I see their…Read More

  • My friend is looking for a therapist and asked me to post this for her:

    Does anyone know information such as the age, style, experience, and techniques of the following therapists?

    • Suri Greenwald from Monsey
    • Chana Rechov from the 5 Towns
    • Richelle Sacks
    • Rivka Yifat

    Thanks so much!

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    Chavy started the topic OCD and Covid in the forum Anxiety

    Hi all,

    I’m having massive OCD issues as a result of the new strain. I keep self-monitoring how I’m feeling in relation to covid symptoms, even though my tests came back negative. The clinic I’m at (Ohel) is quite strict, so I’m going a little nuts every time I feel something or someone (family member) says they have a cold or someone near me is…Read More

  • PFAF:

    A frum female LCSW in Connecticut is looking for an experienced supervisor.

    Please pm me or reply here for any leads.

    Thank you!

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    Chavy started the topic Controlling Anxiety in the forum Anxiety

    Anyone have any ideas or ways to contain high levels of anxiety? I’m trying to use DBT skills, and putting my trust in Hashem, but because of my anxiety, OCD, Borderline and other diagnoses, it’s so hard. I’m undergoing medication changes so I’m much more vulnerable than I used to be. And I see that trying to control, control is actually wearing…Read More

  • Hi all,

    I hope you’re doing well.

    My sister’s friend is in need of a place to stay at in Flatbush, for the months of June, July and August, till she goes to seminary. I don’t know the details, but it seems that living at home isn’t really an option.

    She actually stayed by us for a few days and I see that she’s fun, lovely and a fine girl.

    If…Read More

  • Hi all,

    I’ve been looking for a part time job for a long time and I can’t really find one that meets my needs. Maybe someone on here can help and share some leads.

    I’m based in Brooklyn and am looking for work that can be done remotely – from my house.

    So what do I enjoy doing?

    I love tutoring lower elementary grades students in English…Read More

  • Hi, I wrote this in to the Yated where they have The Couch column, and I figured I’d share it here and get the feedback from therapists and participants:

    Dear therapist,

    I have a question which I hope you can help me with:

    I’m looking for a new therapist, one that is in-network and takes my insurance. I’m doing a ton of research, calling up…Read More

  • Hi,

    Has anyone ever experienced the feeling of feeling helpless and victimized? I feel that whatever  I embark on whether it’s to make more money or to find a new therapist, the odds are just working against me. I tried and am trying so many ways to make money, including asking people to share my flyers and sharing it on job websites, but I get…Read More

  • Hi all,

    I’m posting for a friend of mine. She’s looking for a new therapist in the Monsey area. She has done energy based therapy, which I think is trauma work and would probably need someone with that kind of modality.

    Any and all leads are appreciated!

  • Hi,

    I may have to leave the therapist that I’m currently seeing and I’m looking for a new one in case I have to leave, which is a big chance.

    I’m looking specifically for a DBT therapist, frum female, and one that deals with OCD, Anxiety, and BPD. I used the filters, but I didn’t find much. I prefer someone in Flatbush or close by me, and…Read More

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    Chavy started the topic Sweating in the forum Anxiety

    hi all!

    I’m really suffering from sweating so much, it’s literally disabling. I go out, dressed lightly, and I’m sweating by my hair, private places. I’m not soaked, but quite damp. I literally feel like I need a shower after just walking a few blocks -10 blocks or so. I don’t think it’s hyperhydrosis, but it’s still impacting me, making it so…Read More

  • Do people have plans for the summer, or are everyone’s plans up in the air?

    I don’t know what I’m going to do. The past few summers I didn’t work, but I’m going to take it as it goes. Ideally, I’d love to tutor or do office work, but we’ll see.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been sweating a LOT, even if the AC is on. I’ll feeling cooler now because it’s windy outside, but when it’s hot and I’m anxious and my clothes feel tight (I think I’m a little sensory), it gets even worse. It’s torture. Earlier today I was doing laundry, but the AC was on, but probably not so high and I was sweating!!!

    I just walked a…Read More

  • hi,

    has anyone ever had an out of body experience while walking outside and especially while crossing the street? I get it a lot and really feel like my body is going to collapse on me and feel like I need to hold onto something – especially when I’m crossing a street. It’s a horrible and terrifying feeling! I don’t even remember how it first…Read More

  • Hi!

    I’m a bit bored now and thought I’d start a post asking how everyone’s doing.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Chavy started the topic ASD Referral in the forum Autism Spectrum


    I’m posting this for my friend who doesn’t have internet.

    Does anyone know a referral agency in that could refer someone to a good psychologist/psychiatrist who specializes with child ASD and/or ADHD?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I’m not sure where this belongs, but I’ve been feeling pretty upset, discouraged and down over the past week. I’ve had more expenses creep up because I had to go off 1 of my insurances and since then, I’ve been obsessively looking for a job – doing everything I possibly can and feeling bad about what I am/am not doing. Meaning, thank G-d I…Read More

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