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    chaniemonoker replied to the topic Trouble sleeping in the forum Anxiety

    In addition to Devora Malka Goldstein’s great suggestions, try counting your blessings instead of counting sheep or worrying about what you should have done or need to do.



    Chanie Monoker

  • Selective mutism sometimes is caused by hypersensitivity to sound. You can tell if that’s the case when the person is good one on one but only shuts down in groups that are too large.  This is different than someone who shuts down with anyone who makes them uncomfortable no matter how long they know them or how small the group. One is overwhelm…Read More

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    chaniemonoker started the topic Misophonia in the forum Anxiety

    Misophonia is a hatred of sound.  The term is fairly new (coined in 2000) and seems to be gaining traction.
    There are a number of contributing factors that can cause misophonia.  Getting to the bottom of what is contributing is important to effective treatment.

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    chaniemonoker replied to the topic ADHD in the forum Something else? Post here!

    There’s a 4th type of “ADHD”.
    The misdiagnosed type.  The type that presents behaviorally as ADHD but is something else, such as an auditory processing disorder (which is too often misdiagnosed as ADHD) or auditory fatigue.
    Other possibilities include a language impairment, a sleep disorder, anxiety, etc…
    Differential diagnosis is key to…Read More

About me

Chanie Monoker, CCC-A

Developmental Audiologist

I service birth through 35 year olds using a tiered assessment approach to differentially diagnose communication and learning differences.
My research on assessing auditory processing using objective measures was award winning, and was presented at the 2017 ASHA convention.
I received my Master’s degree in Communication Sciences from Hunter College and am a licensed audiologist in both NY and NJ.

I specialize in assessing and treating auditory processing differences, including misophonia, hyperacousis, amblyaudia (lazy ear), etc.
More about my tiered assessment model and misophonia assessment can be found on my website,
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