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  • alwaysworried
  • What do you say  to the potential new employer? it’s a good question. I’m thinking saying you took time to travel or time to explore or develop some interests. Interests can be psychology informal study or classes (aka personal therapy)  to understand yourself better, give yourself the gap year you never had. haha! Or be completely bold and h…Read More

  • I love this point. So simple yet so true. I can identify with this whole concept as well. It’s almost like there is this food overwhelm and we feel we are missing out if we don’t overindulge. I think it’s normal and healthy to allow indulgence but not to the point that you feel sick and awful. I also try to separate the “eating party”. Like…Read More


    I loved the way you described this, and also that you made it clear that being vulnerable with everyone is NOT for everyone. But it is necessary for everyone to have a someone they can be vulnerable with.

    Thanks for a great conversation!

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    alwaysworried replied to the topic Therapy in the forum Anxiety

    This is an interesting and good question, oh the comparison to open heart surgery, identifiable on occasion. Therapy is not easy but it shouldn’t be consistency that painful. If you imagine going back and speaking about things would be so painful perhaps there is stuff that’s really important to speak about? I’m from the belief that therapy can…Read More

  • I love how you viewed it as control verses how people see taking medication as sort of succumbing because they are not in control. Your perspective is so much healthier!

    I love this line too. There is a time and place for everything and it takes learning oneself to know what works when, And just because one can’t use faith when really…Read More

  • k, first off i love this discussion. Thank you Bari!

    @avacodo this is so perfectly stated – I agree

    I also never thought of anxiety as a lacking in emunah until a relative superimposed that thought as a way of trying to calm someone down, someone who struggled with anxiety. Good intentions, poor application. In my humble opinion.

    I think that…Read More

  • Looking forward to this convo!

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    alwaysworried replied to the topic Motivation in the forum Self Care

    yes this is such a good point. Organized verses motivation. I think they work in tandem and its hard to maintain one without the other.

    Yes! I think this so so so true and something not many of us consider. We take for granted that we all know what we want because its exactly what our older sibling wanted or friends want etc. But as you grow…Read More

  • Yes, it’s so annoying. I used to think they really didn’t care or just didn’t want to tell me what was right or wrong. finally I realized that only i knew and i had to choose what made most sense in the moment.

  • perfectly stated

  • Yes, that’s so true. Sometimes we think too big and forget about the tiny gestures that can and would make all the difference.


  • Did you get any hate from it? Have people ever shamed you?

  • Yessss! I think that’s so common like people make believe everything is fine so even though you know something’s up you have to play along and can’t even be supportive because that would be insulting to them


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    alwaysworried replied to the topic Anxiety over moving home in the forum Anxiety

    Hey esther also not exactly sure what your situation is, but anxiety with transition is so normal. I  get anxious before a trip as i already anticipate what i will face when i get back. Also sometimes when we look forward to getting away and then its all over we face a down. I like all the ideas here. I would add finding something new to look…Read More

  • thank you!


    I wouldn’t suggest that. It’s not your husbands job to see the peace between you and his mother. Hopefully he can and will support you in strengthening yourself to cope better with the dynamics etc. Best of luck!

  • Wow @michellehalle i wanted to highlight every word in this post. The battle analogy is so powerful. I also completely agree with the concept and perspective that we deserve and Hashem wants us to be happy and healthy. Also, agree – therapy is a gift. It is difficult sometimes because it forces us to face truths we’d rather deny but ultimately…Read More

  • I think your intentions are good @mitchell but i actually don’t agree because you CANNOT change other people. I think the only way to change the situation is by figuring what YOU can do to prevent, cope, keep distance etc and keep good self care to not destroy your life because of other unhealthy people.

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    alwaysworried replied to the topic Going Veggie in the forum Just Shmooze

    Hey, sorry i haven’t revisited this in a while. What i reminded myself when i was struggling with wanting to be vegan for health reasons etc was that according to torah meat and dairy and all is good for you and the way we treat animals is according to Toarh and that’s what Hashem wants from us. What i have seen with myself and many other people…Read More

  • This sounds really tough. You say you don’t think you need therapy, but want someone to turn to to help you deal with your feelings. In essence that is what therapy is, so maybe think about that and reconsider. Therapy is not for crazy people or for failures, its for string people that want to function better with life’s challenges. It sounds like…Read More

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    alwaysworried replied to the topic anxiety in the am in the forum Anxiety

    yes too much caffeine is a killer. One cup a day keeps the doctor away but more might make your anxiety soar. Ha now i’m a poet 😉

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