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Inner Warrior

Inner Warrior

In looking back at this week’s coaching calls, I was struck by the consistent theme that I heard everyone talk about in one form or another – a relapse in courage.

I explored with them the ways they may be giving up their power. Generally, when we are not feeling courageous, we aren’t feeling powerful. We give away our power in a variety of ways:

not speaking a truth when someone has wronged us

giving into an addiction or unhealthy impulses

taking on someone’s negativity

speaking negatively about someone else

holding on to a resentment

not setting a boundary that leads to unhealthy results, the list can go on and on.

We discussed decisions they may have made or yet to make, out of a place of fear which erodes our feeling courageous. Every time we make a choice from a place of fear, we reinforce the thoughts we have, the beliefs we hold on to, that we aren’t worthy, aren’t strong enough, aren’t good enough. Thoughts of self-doubt.

Building courage starts with strengthening our self-esteem and confidence.

How you ask?

The first step is learning to love ALL of our parts that make us a whole individual – where we came from, our past, our flaws, our mistakes, our shortcoming and our fears.

Debbie Ford writes “We need to be warriors instead of victims, fighters instead of followers.”

A Warrior lives and acts with great strength, integrity, and commitment. Having said this, all of you are Warriors. You read this blog and perhaps others, as a way to learn or be reminded of some tidbit to encourage to make a healthier step forward today. You are wanting to enhance your personal foundation and learn a healthier way to tap into your strengths. You are open to being a student of life with the intention to be and live, as your best Self.

Seize your inner Warrior today. Tap into her, listen to her voice. What is one thing she is whispering to you?


You will move back into a courageous, confident state of mind and being.

Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~

Until soon,


Dr. Joanne Royer, is the founder and owner of Change Agent & Associates, providing online life coaching to women approaching 50 and beyond step out of the self-doubt keeping them stuck and step into empowered self-confidence.

After 25 years in private practice as a psychotherapist, in 2006 Dr. Joanne began the first of many coaching certifications. Between her psychological savviness and collaborative coaching style, Dr. Joanne provides her clients with a double fisted approach, bringing her expertise, insight and professional skill to each coaching call. Working with clients online has afforded Dr. Joanne to expand her reach across states as well as internationally.

Office appointments in North Hollywood and Arcadia are available upon request.           888.748.4464 

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Dr. Joanne Royer

Psychologically sophisticated online coaching for women approaching 50 and beyond who are ready to put their self-doubt to bed so they can sleep soundly at night. US and Worldwide.

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