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    I b”h have a great therapist I’m very happy with. I feel that many times she’ll go real deep into details I truthfully don’t feel like I need to discuss. I try to move on or even softly tell her that I want to, but many times she’ll insist and keep talking about it. I tried discussing it with her but she doesn’t even seem to notice the matter. Any ideas?

    Also, I often feel like she doesn’t quite understand certain things, mostly like in emuna. She’ll talk and discuss it with me for a long time, how I must of felt that out of all people I got seriously ill, or why certain things happened to me, which I think should be discussed if and as needed. But often I don’t even doubt or ask any of these questions, I won’t feel that way and she’ll say things like this all the time.


    I’d love to have my q featured in the new live AMA on Tuesdays! Thank you so much for all your great work!!!

    Thank you for sharing this. We will address this in our 7 minute Live Q & A today!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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