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    How do I validate myself and forgive myself after engaging in a behavior that goes against my values. I keep promising myself I won’t do it again and I keep failing and engaging in the behavior. It makes me so sad and angry with myself, and also causing so much shame for me…

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    I struggle with such feelings too. YYJacobson shiurim helped me tremendously to transcend guilt and shame.



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    You’re human my dear.. I know it’s hard to hear this but it’s a constant battle which we will always have. We were created imperfectly and that’s our struggle. Realize how precious this is to Hashem. If he needed perfection- He has plenty of Malachim. But he wants US with our failures and thousands of negative voices that want to bring us down and are there to make us feel like a failure. And when we go on despite it all that turns us into HEROES!

    Hashem loves us even when we don’t feel that way and even when we did the biggest mistakes in the world. We’re real winners when we keep going despite it all!!

    That’s why there’s so much value in someone who is a Baal Tshuva- he forgives himself  and believes there’s hope despite the many sins that he did..

    So with that knowledge I hope you can have some compassion and forgive yourself and try to stop listening to those voices who tell you otherwise. You got this!


    Good luck with everything!!


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    In response to iamafighter15's post #14533:

    That was so comforting and beautifully written, @iamafighter15!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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