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    1. my emotions kick in so quick and they are very strong could get teary really quick would love to know why  from the negative thought lets say to the emotion it feels so quick that i stand no chance
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    Dana Rosenberg


    Many people struggle with the kind of situation you are describing-specifically feeling type of people. When those emotions are strong, as you describe, it is certainly more challenging-yet there is a way to work with this.

    Realize that people’s wiring is different. Some are dominated by their emotions, some by thoughts, and still others prefer action and have less access to their feelings and thoughts. Reactions to feelings to tend to be very swift. Those feelings always come from thoughts. For example: a thought such as ‘that relative ignored me’ can quickly lead to a negative feeling such as sadness or anger . The key is to remind yourself that ultimately you can choose to change the feeling by reinterpreting the thought. In the example above-you may change your interpretation to ‘that relative was so absorbed in her thoughts that she did not notice me’. This is turn will not generate the kind of negative reaction as in the first case scenario.

    To summarize: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you feel strongly, it is simply a natural wiring. And you can choose to believe your thoughts when they serve you well-or alternatively change the interpretation of the thought which will automatically change the feeling.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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