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    Hi. I’m wondering if anybody has any tips for sharing that I think I may be depressed with my therapist? I’ve never been diagnosed, but for a long time already I’ve been feeling very low. Ever since a challenging family situation a few years back I never fully got back to myself. And dimensional it just gets worse than other times. Even I go into session and I’m asked how I am and how my week was I say good bh. Even if I had a horrible week. The last few days I spend in my room crying nonstop. I’ve been an emotional wreck. But I’m afraid to share how I’m truly feeling. My own family doesn’t know how I’m feeling,  and I know I can only be helped if I’m open with my therapist about this. But I’m not sure how to share this and bring it up. It makes me so nervous.

    Just as a side point, I’m very comfortable with my therapist.  I tell her a lot about what’s going on in my life, but just when it comes to feelings, or difficult past challenges I get stuck. This doesn’t have what do do with my therapist,  it’s my own issues with sharing and being a more private person.

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    Wow, this sounds really hard.
    Being open and vulnerable is not easy, but it’s essential. I really feel for you!

    With that, I would say to take very small steps and maybe just share that although you say you’re bH fine, you’re really struggling, but are also having a hard time being vulnerable. And then perhaps tell your therapist that you would like to work on being vulnerable in therapy, but maybe to go at a slow pace.
    Im sure she will respond in kind and will ease you in!

    Hatzlacha, and let us know how it goes!

    Hi okidoki,

    I agree with Chavy! Being vulnerable is challenging, but it’s the first step towards healing.

    Definitely consider telling your therapist that you have something you want to share but are nervous to share it–they may have ideas for how else you can express yourself. (For example, if saying it out loud makes you feel nervous, you could consider writing it down, etc).

    Best of luck!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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