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    hi all!

    I’m really suffering from sweating so much, it’s literally disabling. I go out, dressed lightly, and I’m sweating by my hair, private places. I’m not soaked, but quite damp. I literally feel like I need a shower after just walking a few blocks -10 blocks or so. I don’t think it’s hyperhydrosis, but it’s still impacting me, making it so difficult! I’m most nervous about sweating when going back to work. I don’t have to walk much, but just the fact that the sun is beating down on me and that I feel heavy and bloated, is enough to make me sweaty and feel disgusting.

    And many times I wake up feeling okay but then start getting a tad hot, and then you could imagine how I feel outside! That’s my concern about work (though I just have to take 1 bus which is at my corner, but still).


    I told this to my doctor, but she just said I should lose weight – ya, very helpful!

    What do I do? Keep taking showers after I come home? My body temperature is insanely hot – even while being in the AC, like I am now. I also think my anxiety and rumination about this makes it worse

    Do other people also sweat like this?

    Thank you!


    Hi Chavy,

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this, it sounds so uncomfortable.

    I’m not sure where you live but in the summer time and in a humid climate, it is normal to sweat a lot.  It can be helpful to know your body and baseline so if you think you are sweating more than your usual then it can be important to get that checked out.  If you feel your doctor is unsympathetic, try another one.  It can also help to speak with an endocrinologist to see if there’s something hormonal at play.

    In the meantime, it might be helpful to get a portable fan (Amazon sells them) and hold a frozen water bottle when you are out to help cool yourself down.

    I hope you get to a resolution that works for you!

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    Thank you Michali for your answer. How do I know what my bodies baseline is?

    My pleasure!

    I think your doctor would be better able to help you to determine that more accurately.

    That being said, I’d think back to before the sweating became as unbearable as it is now, and look at how much you sweat then and would probably determine that as the baseline.  Also, I’d look at what was different in your routine and in your life when you think back to that time.  That might point you in a direction that again you can check in with your doctor about to see what are some good options for you.

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    In response to Michali Friedman's post #9643:

    I hear. I think it’s just the same – dealing with the heat and the sun beating down.

    And to add more fun, I’m feeling incredibly bloated now (I do have my monthly cycle now, but I don’t know if I can attribute that to it) which makes it MUCH harder! I’m going to my doctor for a blood test tomorrow. I hope hope that she’s empathetic. And if she isn’t, I’m going to use Dear Man skills to express myself.

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    Since I started doing DBT, I noticed myself sweating every evening at 6:45 p.m.

    Any tips on what to do when that just happens out of the blu?

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