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    Let’s talk about suicidal ideations – something I am currently struggling with. There I said it, the cat is out of  the bag. I used to struggle with them and then along my healing journey they went away and I was overjoyed, I beat the beast, and about a month ago they came back and although I know I won’t act on them it is frightening and annoying. I hate struggling with them and I just want them to go away. Of course it is not something spoken about so I keep quiet about it and don’t share how I am feeling with friends or family which is extremely difficult and heavy to hold all alone. (I have shared with my therapist only because I trust her) I guess the point of my post is more of a vent and maybe someone can relate and share tips on how they overcame their suicidal ideations?

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    I appreciate your self awareness and your bravery in reaching out for support and creating awareness.. many times suicidal ideation comes from feeling like there is no other way out of whatever situation or emotions we are going thru . Know that you are not alone in this struggle. There are many Jewish organizations and forums for Jewish women struggling with mi. Chazkeinu, amudim, zaakah. Don’t give up! There is hope! ❤️


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    My teenage daughter has been struggling with this

    She was in and out of hospitals the last two years

    She would self harm as well

    With DBT Therapy and of course family support She is doing better but those thoughts do pop up still

    It’s about having someone to just listen to you and some good coping skills

    It will get easier

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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