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    How do you stay happy when you live with someone that seems to always have a lot of negativity (bad moods, criticizing, judging, pessimistic, etc)

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    It’s a tough one.

    Not a professional, but my own take on things is that one of the first things would be to learn to disconnect in a way that you know that their bad mood has nothing with you, is not because of you, was not caused by you, cannot be controlled by you. Once you get that distance, it’s easier to deal with.

    When someone has codependent tendencies it’s way harder to see their bad mood as something unrelated to you.
    This might totally not be the case with you, though…




    Hi Staying Happy,

    You have asked a really important question that a lot of people think about each and every day. I have found for me and for many of my clients that the key to staying positive in spite of the negativity around us is to focus on the successes that we have in life. It is human nature to focus on the negative and it is our job to counter act that.

    The first step is to realize that there will not be any changes overnight. The second step is to realize that you can only change yourself. So, what can you do? Be positive! Stop frequently and notice the good around you and within. Did you eat a good breakfast this morning? Congratulate yourself for taking care of yourself and being Mekayem the Mitzvah of V’nishmartem Meod L’nafshosaichem. Did you get out of the house on time this morning? Recognize yourself for that accomplishment. When you got really frustrated about something were you able to hold back before releasing that tension at the source of your frustration? Go you!

    When we focus on the positive, it keeps us in a positive space. And you never know, your positivity may just rub off on those around you!

    Good Luck,

    Devora Malka Goldstein

    MSEd, ADHD Coach

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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