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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for joining the OKclarity community!

    For first-time users and those who get a bit tense around computers, don’t worry.
    You don’t have to be tech savvy to get the most out of our website.
    We’re here to walk you through everything step by step.

    Joining OKclarity:
    Use the username generator to have a username created for your profile.
    Next, provide an email, and choose a password.
    Before you’re officially a member you’ll have to log onto the email you’ve provided and click the link that verifies your account.
    Once that’s all finished, you are now officially a member. Congrats!

    Profile / Hello :
    Once you’re registered you will be able to create posts, comment on exiting discussions, and edit your profile.
    You can access your profile page at any time by clicking on your username or avatar  in the top right corner of the menu bar.
    Once there, you will be able to tinker with your profile settings–have fun!
    You can upload an anonymous photo to personalize your profile picture, give yourself a brief bio etc.
    Your profile’s homepage also gives you access to the forums you’ve subscribed to, stores your notifications, private messages, and tracks the posts you’ve liked and commented on so you can return to these topics and rejoin the conversation anytime.
    Your wall also acts as a personal news feed. Once other users have engaged with your topics and comments these notifications will appear on your wall.
    You can also tweak your notification, [social media] settings and password, etc. in the Account Settings tab.
    Note: Your email will remain confidential from all other users even though it appears when you view your profile.

    Understanding the forum and forum features:
    Subscribing to a forum – To begin, you’ll want to find a forum whose topic interests you.
    Our forums are preset categories that cover an array of mental health, emotional health, wellness and lifestyle landscape.
    Once you’ve found a forum you’re interested in joining, click on the Subscribe link above the Topics bar.
    Subscribing to a forum means you will receive email notifications when there’s activity, such as a new comment or thread.

    Topic/Posts – within each forum you have the ability to create a related “topic” with any question or conversation you’d like to start

    Subscribe to topics/posts – Just like how you can subscribe to a particular forum, you’re also able to subscribe to specific topics that you or others have created. This will ensure you get an email notification whenever there’s a response.

    Reply – You can “reply” to topics that others have started.

    Quote – This feature is for you to specifically comment on what a commenter shared in a conversation. Click the “quote” option at the bottom of a comment box and continue writing your comment.
    Your new post will include this previous, “quoted” text to give other users better context for your own comments.

    Mentions – If you’d like a specific user to know what’s being shared simply use the @username and they will get notified.

    Likes – When you like a post/topic you are letting others know you appreciate the conversation and consider it valuable.

    Text Formatting & Shortcodes:

    Bold Text:

     [b]Bold[/b] text 

    Underlined Text:

     [u]underlined[/u] text 

    Italic Text:

    [i]Bold[/i] text

    Private Text:
    This will make the text within this code visible to logged in members only.

    You must be logged in to to view this hidden content. Not a member yet? Register now!

    [private ]This text is private[ /private] 

    Search bar — If you want to search for a specific thread, topic, or keyword you can easily find this information by using the search forums box.

    Troubleshooting — If you are having trouble with the forum please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also click on the icon in the bottom left hand corner of your webpage to rate your user experience and let the OKclarity team know about specific issues that need addressing (available during beta).

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