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    I’m in my early 50s now and I’ve been a slow reader since I was in elementary school.  I remember when we had reading comprehension tests, I was always the last one to finish, whereas tests on other subjects I was on par with the rest of my class.  In later years this led to a lack of willingness to complete reading assignments in school as well as a willingness to read in general.  This was also one reason why I never went to college, fearing that I would never keep up.

    Even after I got married, I was often jealous of how much reading my wife can accomplish in a shorter amount of time.  Though I like to read these days, I feel like I’m in competition with my wife.

    I wish I can find a solution.

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    I hope that I my response can be helpful in some way …

    I hear your struggle, I’m also a slow reader, but I never noticed it until adulthood. Nobody pointed it out to me as a child. And I’m glad it was that way. I’ve struggled with feeling inferior. But at the end of the day I know, that I need to be the best me. So although I do struggle with compare & contrast, in relation to others, I always come back to myself. It’s not too late for anything. And my “lesser abilities” are not meant to be roadblocks… But I do try to seek opportunities that seem to be in my ballpark. Again, my ballpark. But not in comparison to someone else’s.

    I hope that’s helpful? (Cuz I was talking to myself out loud, hopefully to also benefit you 🙂 )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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