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    Hi! I’m looking for some sort of place to live, preferably in the Boro Park, Kensington, Flatbush or Bensonhurst areas of Brooklyn, NY. I don’t have money. I have depression, anxiety, and ADHD, but Baruch Hashem it’s pretty well managed with medication and therapy. I’m currently living with my family and have been suffering from trauma because of it. I’m a very frum girl not suffering from any addictions or eating disorders. I’m in shidduchim Baruch Hashem. I’m looking for a job and hope to find one soon. Baruch Hashem, I’m in a pretty good place in terms of functioning. I also have lots of friends and try to go to their simchos when I can.

    The problem is that I live in a small apartment due to financial constraints with a large family and have no privacy or space for myself because of it. Everyone’s on top of each other, and I get criticized a lot for things that I do. If I don’t fit into the “box” that my family members want me to fit into, I get criticized. Whether I’m trying to make my own decisions about spending my money, going to therapy, talking about my struggles… I feel like I’m being micro-managed. My family is saying that I don’t accept advice or criticism, but that’s not true! I don’t accept advice from people who are trying to fix me, what I do, and my way of thinking. I have my people that I accept advice from. It’s the people who show me that they accept and respect me for who I am. The people who validate me. The people who show me either that they understand because they went through a similar experience, or that they understand that they don’t understand, but they can empathize with the feeling. The point is that I’m not getting any of that from my family. I’m trying to build myself up emotionally, and every time I try when I’m at home, I get knocked down. When I’m with my friends, I’m fine, and I have a good relationship with most of my siblings. I’ve done everything I can to make the best of the situation. I’m also the oldest and have been taking care of the younger ones most of my life. I’ve been trying to learn to take care of myself, but whenever my siblings need attention or anything else, I feel guilty not giving it to them. I think the best way for me to become stronger emotionally is to find somewhere else to live. The reason why I wrote for so long is because I want to give whoever reads this a clearer picture of who I am and what I want so that any resources given will be appropriate. I’m looking for a place in Brooklyn (not Crown Hights or Williamsburg areas), either with an emotionally healthy and functioning family, couple, or older woman or in a group home with girls at a similar age (20’s) in a similar level of functioning in a similar situation to me. I can’t pay for anything and have no way of getting funding for it. If anyone knows of any living situation for me, please let me know! Thank you!

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    First of all, I am incredibly saddened to hear that you are going through all this. That is definitely a lot for one person to hanlde


    if you’re looking for a place to live that will help support you emotionally I recommend Miryam’s house by project extreme


    taken from their website:

    Miryam’s House, now in its seventh year, is a transitional living shelter for Jewish young women who have suffered trauma and abuse. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the women’s shelter program was established as an additional extension of Project Extreme and as an opportunity for homeless young women who are 18 years and older to have a safe place to live. Miryam’s House offers a growth-oriented home for those seeking a temporary home, additional encouragement, life skills support and transitional services, and healthy communication skills.


    In addition to holding a full time schedule of work, school, or a combination of both, residents are required to participate in weekly volunteer opportunities, engage in spiritual learning initiatives, complete assigned chores, and meet with a therapist weekly for support. Residents receive daily life skills support and assistance in meeting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Group activities, medication observation & support, education & career counseling, and Shabbos Community meals are provided. House guidelines include Shabbos observance and strict adherence to Kosher dietary laws. 

    For more information about Miryam’s House, contact




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