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    Purim and Our “Lots” of Love
    Purim 2019

    I think of the word “Purim”

    And “lots” as its meaning

    I take a dive inward

    And embark on soul searching

    What comes to mind
    Is what we all know
    That we would all take back our pekalach
    No matter how they did grow
    It seems so absurd
    Hard to fathom, perhaps
    That we would stretch out our hands
    To grab our lives mishaps
    But that’s when we ought
    To remember and recall
    That the pekalach we received
    Are from the Father of us ALL
    What is my “lot”
    In the life I live
    At times I need to take
    And at other times I give
    My “lot” involves sunshine
    And pockets of rain
    From which I can blossom
    Prosper and gain
    The pekalah I was “allotted”
    May seem burdensome and rough
    But I know and believe
    That that’s what makes me tough!
    I may have been given
    Some challenges I hate
    But those difficulties
    Are what determines my good fate
    Then of course my “lot”
    Involves a multitude of blessing
    That at time are blocked
    By layers of murky dressing
    Despite the pain
    And even because of it, if I may
    That’s what enables me
    To reach greater heights each day
    There are moments
    When I wish to cast my “lot” aside
    But that would be foolish
    Because my “lot” becomes my pride
    My “lot” is my gift
    My cherished journey of life
    Although it may encompass
    Hurt, sadness and strife
    But when I keep my mind
    And soul connected to my Father
    I no longer look at my “lot”
    As if it’s a bother
    Rather, it’s empowering
    To trust that my “lot” from Hashem
    Enables me to become
    The creme a la creme
    I and we are oh so blessed
    And we must hold on to our spark
    Keeping ourselves aligned with our Father
    Even when things seem dark
    Darkness is an absence
    Of feelings of love
    That sometimes we lose sight of
    And forget our Father Above
    He is there with us always
    And He handed us our “lots”
    On diamond studded platters
    Ready for the twists and plots
    The “lots” we were all given
    Are handpicked for me and you
    Don’t you even think
    That you can be me and I can be you
    There is no randomness
    About the “lots” we possess
    But we must always strive
    To achieve our very best
    So, for Purim this year
    Let us live by its definition
    And propel our lives forward
    And fulfill all our lives’ missions
    May I as an individual
    And us a whole
    Accept our “lots” with love
    And succeed with our goals
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    Wow!! This is beautiful and very inspirational poem. You are very talented! I also love love your profile name! Keep climbing amazing heights!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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